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  1. Managed to find a bit cheaper battery, has the same number as my dead ones, so I think I'll give them a try first. I'd rather not spend the extra money unless I got to at the moment. https://batteries.factoryoutletstore.com/category/findercategorylist.aspx?category_id=0&search_term=Milwaukee+48-11-1950+^replacement_power_tool_battery^&cid=201535&chid=1&campaignid=311630075&adgroupid=22963578875&creative=114733149155&targetid=kwd-35366569552&matchtype=b&device=c&network=g&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-sfdstaT3wIVzUoNCh3KJwKtEAAYASAAEgI4UvD_BwE Appreciate the help everyone.
  2. Cool. I guess I'll look for a new drill then. Btw, I got the charger that Chris posted and put the batteries on it but it wouldn't do anything. I didn't get any light or charging indicator of any kind. Do older batteries not work on newer chargers or are the old ones probably completely dead?
  3. Does that do something or are you saying to just forget them?
  4. I have a Milwaukee drill that belonged to my dad before he passed and after moving a few months ago I seem to have lost the battery charger. Can anyone tell me what kind of charger I need for the batteries? Also if I remember right the last time I tried to use it the batteries barely held a charge. Is there any way to get them repaired/restored/ect. or do I gotta get new ones?
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