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  1. Hi all, I have a B&D skill saw from the 80s Model 7392 Type 1. I cannot tighten the lock screw tight enough to keep the blade from slipping. I have resorted to slipping a diamond saw center on the shaft before inserting the blade. This works but I want a fix. One thing I question is the thickness of many of the new blades for sale, they are thinner, is this the source of the problem? Or looking at the explode view, https://www.toolpartsdirect.com/blackdecker-7392-type-1-2-hp-circular-saw.html Item #4 goes on the drive shaft, the one on my saw rotates fairly easy and will slide off the shaft, I wonder if that should be a press fit. Or see attached image. As I'm writing, I'm doubting the press fit, and leaning toward the thinner blade theory. btw, I finally disassembled, cleaned out all the old grease, put in new grease and greased a dry bronze motor bushing. Over 15 years ago my dad complained about my saw having such a bad vibration and it was especially noisy during spin down. After the regreasing the thing is like a new saw. I cut 72 feet of plywood today without any complaint. Even so, I'm ordering a new bronze bushing, it was pretty worn. Sorry, wanted to place first image with an image showing drive shaft, but didn't figure out how to delete the original, or the extra.
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