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  1. None of them fit before; now they all do. I'll use the 4 A-h batteries with the jigsaw and periodically check its charge by putting it in one of the other tools that has the indicator. Thanks!
  2. All of my batteries (1.5, 3, and 4 A-h) fit on the saw. It's only with the jig saw that I have to worry about over-discharging - right?
  3. I bought a DJV180Z jig saw on ebay. I gathered, perhaps incorrectly, that it's the Canadian model # for the XVJ02Z but is otherwise the same; it's made in UK in case that matters. I was surprised that my LXT batteries wouldn't slide in all of the way, and also saw that the saw doesn't have the smaller contact terminal between the two outer ones. I checked my 8 other tools and they all have the smaller contact except for the DML801 light. The pic shows one of my other tools on the left and the saw on the right. I filed down the molded-in square peg next to the nail point, and my batteries now slide in, and the saw works. I seem to remember reading years ago that some of the tools and/or batteries have smart features. Am I endangering either the tool or the batteries by this mix & match?
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