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  1. Well, I screwed up! I purchased a Milwaukee M18 string trimmer. I ordered the bare tool thinking that I was saving money. Figured I could just use the batteries from my Milwaukee M18 drill and impact. Those batteries are 2.0 Ah, I think. Needless to say they last about 10 minutes at best in my string trimmer. It looks like the trimmer tool kit comes with a 9.0 Ah battery. Do I need a 9.0 Ah battery or can I get by with a smaller Ah battery (5.0 Ah, 6.0 Ah)?
  2. Hello from south central South Dakota! Right where I-90 crossed the Missouri River! I've used most of the major brands of battery powered tools. Currently, I own mostly Milwaukee, which I think pretty highly of. Next, based purely upon picking them up and handling them, I like Hitachi. They seem like a good quality tool. It may just be psychological because green is my favorite color.
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