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  1. oh ok hope you only want it for that reason because it looks like it is a disaster waiting to happen. Even if you get all the right parts and getting it going I wouldn't use it because it just doesn't look safe... or at least I wouldn't use it to cut anything.....nice piece to have if restored but more for a collection than a working tool....

    Yeah apparently the guy has had it for years and used it off and on throughout and never had any issues, but he had the correct drill. He's unwilling to sell it though as he still uses it. The model wore off it as well apparently so the most info he could give me about it was "2 speed hitachi drill". As I mentioned before, I'm crazy enough to use it at least until I can afford something decent worth buying because I'm doing everything on the cheap right now.

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  2. Shouldn't you be able to thread a bolt in there? Then you just need to hook up anything that can turn the bolt. you could use nuts for spacers.



    I'm really worried that it's still not going to have the RPM or torque to cut anything thick or dense. You might be better off finding a used motor with decent specs and hooking it up instead of a drill or grinder.

    That's another thing I was thinking of doing, it's just the whole mounting process that will give me touble then, I got it going (I held it in place and turned it on) and it cuts fine, but if I let go of the drill it'll just flop to the bench as there's nothing holding it to the saw. I'll take some photos or a video later if that helps if you don't get what I mean.
  3. I believe the first item you need to find is a parts list and/or schematic. If you have a model number, you can generally find an online parts supplier that might have it in their database. From the looks of it though, it will be an Asian regional item and may be a bit difficult to find. Hitachi does have some convoluted power designs out there. I used to own one of their band saws that was powered by one of their three horse power router motors using a step-down gear drive to match the rpm that a normal single phase motor would normally produce. It was one of the noisiest tools I ever owned.

    And I thought this was going to be simple. I'll do some digging and see what I can find. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. Looking around the web for that model number shows what looks like a really really old hitachi drill hooked up.




    Kinda an interesting little box, looks like jig saw, grinder and planer attachments were made for it.

    Wow I'm impressed you found it xD I didn't even bother to look for the serial because I thought it was all just a bunch of Japanese, plus I was in a bit of a rush lol. I actually have the jigsaw attachment, I'll add pics later, it mounts in the same way and is also pretty interesting.

  5. I would be very cautious about using this, rpms of a lot of drills are lower but high torque, grinders you'd need something variable speed because most grinders spin closer to 10000 so when you would go to run something through all that blades going to do it seize up and kick.


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    Exactly, it seems hitachi built their early drills to have a chuck mounted on the same size as a 115mm size grinder bolt but with a finer thread? Whereas all my old drills have the chuck thread into the drill.
  6. I have a couple of questions,

     why did you buy this? price, uniqueness, 

    was it cheap? 

    did you plan on using it as a regular table saw?

    I bought it because of the price and its uniqueness. I got it for 10 NZD plus it came with blades, metal cutting discs etc and also a jigsaw drill attachment which I'm also having the same issue with.
  7. I would worry about the gearing between the input and blade if any.  If you hook up a grinder it probably will spin the blade way over the rated speed and not have any decent torque.  The easiest option would probably be to find a bolt that fits in the saw end and tighten the drill chuck around that.  If the bolt is too big for the drill chuck you could grind it down to fit or put a socket over the head with a socket adapter in the drill.

    That was my original thought and plan until I realised if I do that the drill has no support while in the box, maybe I could build a mount, but then I wouldn't be able to adjust the depth of the saw. It's frustrating xD

  8. So what I understand is that you have a female threaded piece on both the saw and the drill but you need a male threaded piece on the drill, correct? You could build an adaptor but I would check what Millerz said and try the grinder first.

    That is correct, but the bit has to come out of the drill after the chuck is removed if that makes sense? So I would have to take a smaller thread that fits the hole in the drill then step it up to a bigger thread that fits the bit for the saw. Just seems like a lot of trouble :/

  9. And there maybe a piece missing? Is there anything you have found online about it? With the serial number or something? I haven't used one of these so Idk man... Maybe try eBay to sell it if you don't have any luck with it. There maybe a tool nut out there that needs it?



    Maybe a older Hitachi would work on it? This is a shot in the dark but the part you have in your hand, will it thread on a grinder? And use the grinder to power it? Or weld a threaded rod onto something that will go in the drill chuck. Like a bit. I'm just Brainstorming. Throwing ideas at you.


    I can't seem to find a thing online and everything is in Japanese :/

    That's what I thought and was hoping someone had an idea has to what model it would be? It's the right size for my black and decker grinder but the thread is too fine one the attachment. I tried something like that but it would stay upright in the box of the saw because with the chuck on the clamp that holds the collar can't reach the collar of the drill. That's exactly what I need at this point really so any ideas you have would be appreciated. Cheers.

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  10. What's the spindle look like that the drill chucks on?


    The bit is supposed to thread onto the we're the chuck removes, but my chick threads into my drill if that makes sense? I'm very new to this so I probably misunderstood your question.post-54459-0-10391000-1454224963_thumb.j

    That's where is attaches to the drill and the other side has three pins which drive the saw

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  11. Recently I purchased a drill powered Tablesaw (Hitachi branded). But it seems very specific to what model drill I can actually use to power it. I've tried several old drills I have and have had no luck (either the collar was too small and the drill wouldn't stay put or the bit that attaches after taking off the chuck wouldn't fit because the shank was too small or the thread not fine enough). I was hoping someone out there could tell me what drill I need to get this thing up and running or had any ideas on what else I could do to get it running?

    Thanks to all in advance!


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