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  1. Hello I want ot know if the kobat one handed 24v reciprocicating saw have more power than craftsman 19,.2v? and about this kobalt good tool? thanks
  2. Hello the number is: battery die hard 1139 19,2v / 315.113753/ 130279005 charger: ds-1138 / 315.ch 2020 / class 2 battery charger thanks
  3. Hello I have a reciprocicating saw craftsman 19,2v and a kit with die hard battery and charger. I want to know if I can use the craftsman c3 19,2v xcp high capacity lithium-ion battery? Can I use my charger or I need another? Some advantages with this xcp battery? thanks
  4. Hello I have a dremel 8220 but I want to know how I put this accessory in the dremel? the size is not the same. thanks
  5. Hello I want to know what´s the difference between dremel 8200 and 8220? are good machines? and the bosch dgsh 18k 18v cordless die grinder have more power than milwaukee? thanks
  6. Hi Where I find to buy in florida the bosch ciso cordless pruning shears? thanks
  7. Hi ok, I can use the milwaukee with dremel accessories and I don´t need adapter write? thanks
  8. Hi I need some adapter? thanks
  9. Hello I want to know if I can use the dremel kit in this machine? thanks
  10. Hello I want to know if this machine is good or not? hitachi GP10 DL 12v peak cordless mini grinder ? made in chine ? thanks
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