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  1. Someone may have lost their temper on the front end loader and broke off the handle. Here is my first actual fix/project on the lathe. Drilled and taped this solid aluminum rod to screw on. Turned some knurls to help the glue grip better. Filled it up with expanding gorilla glue
  2. Thanks for all the comments and great information. I wont be able to do to much until the lathe is paid for and I can start buying tooling and measuring tools This is my first knurl. Turned out pretty good. With this I turned, faced, knurled and beveled
  3. I hear ya. It was a pretty penny specially for me!!!! ( I used all of my longevity check from work then put the rest on a paypal credit card with 0.00% interest for 6 months. So it shouldn't be to bad) over $1,800 with shipping the Table I got a killer deal on for only $50.00. The guy I bought the table from is a machinist by trade and gave me about $70-$90 worth of dial indicators protractors rulers depth gauges I know I have ALOT to learn but I figured even if it takes me 5 years to get good. Well Im that much better than if I waited 5 years to start learning you know
  4. I got my lathe set up yesterday. I've never turned anything before. I've jumped in head first. I've always wanted to start machining. Got a grizzly g0752 variable speed 10"x22"
  5. Whats the make and model and how much ya asking? Thanks
  6. I dont mind spending $50 for shipping if I get a good deal!!!! What model and how much you asking? Ill see what I can do. Thanks!!!
  7. Anyone wanting to get rid of their planer? Im looking for a 12" bench top planer Thanks
  8. Thanks Normally Im a DeWalt/Bosh fan but I felt like I just had to try this saw out. Just wondering if anyone else had this same saw and wanted to know what they thought...specially reliability wise
  9. Has anyone else had this saw? Ive been VERY IMPRESSED with this saw. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDQ2WkBKU58
  10. I bought a new Circular Saw. Here is my review All in all I think for the price point and features I got a great deal!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hDQ2WkBKU58
  11. 2LateIWon

    New car

    Very nice yes V10!!!!
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