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  1. I would check out some of the Bosch lasers too
  2. I like how compact it is compared to others on the market
  3. You can see the green lasers better and clearer in bright conditions
  4. looks like there will be some great deals too bad they didn’t do $50 off some of the batteries
  5. You can still drill into concrete with a non hammer drill it does take longer but can be done. You could always buy another drill with the hammer feature in the future it’s always nice to have more than one drill on some jobs but if you only want one drill I would say go for the hammer drill after the first couple of uses it will be worth the extra cash
  6. Check out the Oregon powersharp I personally don’t have any experience with it maybe some here does but it looks like a really awesome concept and has so good reviews on Amazon
  7. I use Tough boxes, tool bags and some of them just loose
  8. Pre ordered the new cordless router and barrel grip jigsaw from Dewalt
  9. backpack blower and pole hedge trimmer
  10. if dewalts going then I'm interested
  11. I'm saying that I like how they have the option to go with dewalt
  12. I like that graco went with a tool brand that many people have instead of making their own battery its always nice to only have one battery platform
  13. Ive used that dewalt at work and its great I absolutely love the fence and am extremely impressed with it.
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