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  1. Oh damn I dont check the makita website .
  2. Usually just change it if it's getting old or looks dirty. Try and see what the manufacturer uses . Also dont over fill .
  3. If you still need help I might have the gear if you can send a picture
  4. Just buy one off of ereplacementparts. I'm sure it will only be around 20ish bucks
  5. No they look alright. Make sure they are still making contact and the spring keeps tension on them. Do the commutator bars look ok still ?
  6. Best bet is Ebay or buy a used one for parts
  7. Pop off the c clip , take off the lever then tighten the nut until it is tight enough to hold but not too tight that you can't use the lever to loosen it. Then put the lever back on and pop the c clip back on.
  8. No that's not that big of a deal because it doesn't make a huge difference what's important is left to right so it cuts straight and doesn't get kinked up.
  9. Wish you the best luck . Alot of times they never go back the same if not just buy a whole new gear box .
  10. Did you go over the cord ? Test the cord from end to end. I've seen where there wasn't a physical cut or anything but it was on the inside and the wire just pulled out. Next check the switch . If there is a way to bypass it do that so its directly hooked up. Test the switch to see if it works when the trigger is squeezed. Also make sure the brushes are making good contact.
  11. Does it hum or anything ? Check the easiest things first like the cord then the brushes . Make sure they are making contact with the armature. Also look at the commutator bars while the brushes are out to see if it's in good condition , is it belt driven if so check the belt ? . If non of these are it see if you can bypass the switch so its directly on with alligator clips of something similar.
  12. You can try and squeeze it out with some pliers if you are gentle and if it's too messed up I'd just get the collet out and buy a new one off of ereplacementparts
  13. Such a strange knock off ! Lol
  14. I seen that can't wait till it comes to the us . Hopefully it does
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