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  1. Well, for better or worse, 40v has gone the way of the dodo. I thought about buying a 40v mower almost four years ago, when the initial 20v mower was getting some bad press due to runtime. I went with EGO instead, and little over a year later I saw this: https://toolguyd.com/dewalt-40v-max-cordless-outdoor-power-tools-discontinued/. There's nothing more disappointing than buying a "professional" or "premium" item and having it fail with little use. When you buy Ryobi you expect to get your money's worth, but you don't expect it to perform on the same level as DeWalt or Milwaukee. When you buy one of the latter brands you pay for something that is supposedly engineered and manufactured to survive heavy usage. When those tools fail with little use (usually after the warranty period), it makes you wonder if you just threw away that money...
  2. https://www.smith-wesson.com/product/model-29 It's a tool. Bought it to (finally) replace the Model 19 that was stolen back in December 2012. I have a feeling another .357 will be coming soon as a more practical carry revolver. Now I need to order a couple of speed loaders and a few speed strips, and find a couple of decent holsters.
  3. Builder's Square, Hechingers, both gone (in the '90's, IIRC), while Lowe's moved from a Dollar General sized store to a true big box (in my area). I'm heading to HD once they open to pick up some more Orbi WiFi extenders (on clearance from $200 to $50). Their prices aren't too bad, especially considering the 10% discount that's given for military and contractors.
  4. I can understand your frustration. The Surebonder website isn't loading properly for me at the moment, but I did not see much mention of staple sizes. I'm all aboard with the T50 standard for common staples, and not sure why some companies would wish to use proprietary sizes (outside of generating more revenue, at least).
  5. Looks nice, definitely shorter than the 887!
  6. I could very well be the batteries. If you've been using the screwdriver daily for two years, they might be getting close to their charge cycle limit. I have two of these screwdrivers, with the two batteries that came in my first kit (found it on clearance for $35 at the PX, and later found a bare tool for about $20). I don't use mine daily, though. It seems that a new battery is under $30: https://www.homedepot.com/p/DEWALT-8-Volt-MAX-Lithium-Ion-Battery-Pack-1-0Ah-DCB080/204475930. Since you use your gyro screwdriver so often, it may be worth the investment to pick one up.
  7. My local Lowe's had the Bostitch pneumatic wire weld framing nailer marked down to $49 from $249. A bunch of various wire weld nails were also on clearance. I paid $177 for the nailer, three Swanson speed bevels (50% off original price) and about eight boxes of nails.
  8. Stopped by Direct Tools Outlet on my way back from North Carolina and picked up the Ryobi inflator for $36. I wanted to buy something there but have nearly everything I need, so I went cheap. I plan to kit all of our vehicles out with inflators, impact wrenches, and basic emergency kits. Already had the DeWalt and M12 inflators, so I figured I'd get this one. Next will probably be a Ridgid version for my son's car; I got him an impact wrench and drill/impact driver combo a couple of years ago.
  9. Given recent events, I feel that this thread is especially relevant. An entire generation of Americans (and the citizens of our allied nations) was affected by the events of 9/11, and the fall of Afghanistan will probably go down in history as an example of failed American intervention not unlike the fall of South Vietnam. I'll finally be going home next year, after twenty-plus years of military service. My home is no longer where I grew up, but rather a place the Army stationed me, a place where I recruited young men and women while the war in Iraq drew to a close and Afghanistan flared up. Twenty years ago I was a young road technician working for a material handling equipment company. On September 10th I was suddenly let go, and on the 11th I was job-seeking online when I saw some comments about the towers. I turned around and my mother-in-law was watching the news show video footage of the event. Nevertheless, I continued my job search, though I did check in on a few old friends to discuss the attacks. A little over a month later I was signing my Army contract, fulfilling a dream I'd had since I was a kid...a dream previously hindered by past mistakes. In the intervening 20 years, I've lost a lot of friends, both military and civilian. My unit and I invaded Iraq together and saw the side of war I always wanted to see. Ten years later, my unit went to Afghanistan, where they placed me as an Operations NCO (semi)safely behind the wire. One tour of each, with little personal investment in either country. The War in Iraq became something foreign to the war I fought, while my experience in Afghanistan was watching the war on TV and occasionally getting rocketed. This isn't about me, though. It's about us. All of us know, or at least know of, someone affected by the events of 9/11. Whether directly (9/11 itself) or indirectly (the resulting wars), America was forever changed. It's fitting that we seem to have forgotten why we were in Afghanistan in the first place. Should we have stayed so long? I don't think so, but I'm not a decision maker. Regardless, history will label Afghanistan as a military failure and as an example of failed American interventionism. Americans will continue to politicize every event, the media will continue to instigate division, and the events of 9/11/2001 will continue to fade from our collective memories. Until the next time...
  10. Still on the website, but out of stock online and not available anywhere near here. Three stores near the zip code in the picture have ten boxes between them, though. I'm sure as hell not driving to NJ to get one, though. 😒 This looks very similar to the 28" DeWalt boxes I have. I gave one to my daughter, and prefer the modular systems, but for a small job like sign making, the DeWalt is perfect. Adding the ability to stack boxes is a good idea, but I don't think the design would be good for anything very heavy on top.
  11. Is it clogged by chance? My EGO mower will sometimes get so many grass clippings stuck in the deck that its motor refuses to turn back on. It lights up but the overload protection remains engaged. I've learned to pop a slight wheelie when I hear the motor start to bog down. Then again, I keep mine in mulching mode as the grass chute is all but worthless and I hate dealing with the bag.
  12. Eric's right, you should definitely take it back while you're in the window. It could be a trigger or electronics problem, and sending it to Milwaukee will leave you without the tool for a few weeks, before getting the repaired tool (or worse, a refurbished return from someone else) with a shiny white sticker on it reflecting the repair. Let HD and Milwaukee decide whether or not to return the impact, and get a brand new one. I have no idea how Milwaukee supplies these to stores, but if you have the option you may even want to return the impact and buy another one at a different location, in case there's a bad production run.
  13. Welcome to the TIA Forums, Dan. It's been a bit slow but there's a lot of good content here, and whenever I neglect checking in I find a ton of interesting new posts. Four drills may seem like a lot, but if you're like me, you'll reason that it saves time chucking up different bits. I have every model of DeWalt XR (brushless) drill minus the DCD997 (and anything newer than that), M12 and M18 Fuel models, two M18 brushless compact drills, Ridgid Gen 5X and Octane, and a few more from MetaboHPT, Bosch, and Ryobi. When I retire next year I think I'll dedicate each to a different commonly used drill bit and go from there. Unless the wife sells them first.🤨
  14. fm2176

    Wish Me Luck...

    I'll stick to scratch-off lottery tickets... My luck is pretty much nil, though I will come out ahead on occasion. The biggest problem is that I'm horrible about cashing the winning tickets in. There are probably $50 worth of winners in my vehicle right now. 😒
  15. Makes sense to me, but I find it odd that there's no trace of it online. I'm unable to find the pouch either, though it looks like one of those that CLC made for DeWalt. Sometimes the simplest answer is the correct one, and this very well could be a ratcheting screwdriver, with the pin having originally been fixed in the handle to provide some prying and striking strength but coming loose over the years.
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