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  1. Eric, I agree, PC could (should?) become a corded-only brand that focuses on routers, sanders, and perhaps their better-known trademarks such as the TigerSaw recip. Craftsman could thrive being cordless-only, with a large platform marketed as a DIY/light professional use alternative to DeWalt's pro tools.
  2. Watching a hammer drill test video on YouTube just now, I was reminded that TTI does have some brand redundancy of sorts. This is yet another video where Hart and Ryobi are compared (along with other brands), and I note that the two are often similar in test results. In this case, an $80 Hart kit including a 1.5Ah battery is tested against a $158 Ryobi kit with 4.0Ah battery as well as an off-brand, M18 Fuel, FlexVolt Advantage, and Makita drills. While Hart and Ryobi seem to be peers, albeit with the latter offering more premium kits and a lot more tools, I'd say that TTI stil
  3. fm2176

    Ryobi Days?

    Does anyone look forward to this event? It seems to be hit or miss in terms of overall value, and a thread on another forum shows a lot of displeasure over last year's event. For those who don't keep up with the sale, it boils down to an annual event with Home Depot displaying a large center aisle promo at the front of the store, usually in the form of a battery starter kit or basic drill kit for $99 with free bare tool. The kit may differ year to year, as does the max price on the "free" bare tool. I picked up my first Ryobi One+ tool during Ryobi Days a few years ago and feel
  4. Theoretically, this should work. A 54v motor, some fairly simple calculations and confirmation that the higher voltage won't fry anything, and your vacuum may live again. Then again, I don't know what kind of electronics are inside the vacuums. I have both 20v Max wet/dry vacuums (DCV580 and DCV517). Both are great little machines, though I've recently used the M18 vacuum a bit more.
  5. I like your train of thought, however, I'd say that Craftsman and Mac are both essential brands for SBD when it comes to mechanics tools. Since I worked in a dealership over twenty years ago a lot of things have changed, but I still see tool trucks rather often and I know that their business model of extending truck credit is a convenient--if slightly predatory--way of helping mechanics and technicians do their job. By predatory, I don't mean with high interest, but rather the relatively high prices of the tools themselves. I sometimes find tools I bought off the Snap-On, Mac, or Matco truc
  6. If you were in a position to do so, would you reduce the number of battery platforms Stanley, Black & Decker (SBD) offers into a few compatible/interchangeable brands? Their primary big box competitor here in the states, TTI, effectively offers three brands covering overlapping, yet distinct, tiers. Milwaukee, Ridgid, and Ryobi offer just about any cordless tool or accessory needed with Ryobi mostly marketed as a value brand capable of most job, Milwaukee as a pro brand with an emphasis on trades, and Ridgid somewhere between the two but with an unmatched lifetime serivce agreement. For
  7. It looks like Stanley, Black and Decker (SBD, who bought Craftsman from Sears) has plans to bring back at least some of Craftsman's former reputation, as I've heard that they're going to start making some hand tools in the US once again. While SBD is pushing Craftsman cordless tools rather heavily, though, and some tools seem to be red versions of their DeWalt counterparts, most of us regard the SBD Craftsman power tool line to be on par with--and a potential replacement for--Porter Cable.
  8. True, I'm optimistic that today's systems are here to stay for the foreseeable future, though. Most major manufacturers haven't switched battery styles over the past ten or so years, despite vast advancements in both battery design and the tools themselves. I have exactly one DeWalt 12v Max Xtreme tool (the 3/8" impact wrench), and my batteries made in 2010 work fine in it As for Ryobi, I have one of my father-in-law's drills he bought in kit form about fifteen years ago that's fully functional with my most modern One+ battery.
  9. Despite the subject, I'll try to leave politics out of this. If anyone feels a need to bring them up, please do so respectfully. Over the past few months I've been a fringe player in the recent Inauguration, working to ensure that key pieces melded together while staying out of the big picture and avoiding any direct exposure to the events themselves. This past week saw our schedule flipped as the team and I worked to bring all of the military elements together during a wholly unique transition of power in our Executive Branch of government. I had the honor of being a part of th
  10. I picked up two Packout 10" totes for $42 apiece. The 15" tote is marked down to $42 but I have yet to find any in stock. I'll probably transfer some of my electrical tools from one of the AWP totes to a Packout tote, and maybe use the other for plumbing stuff.
  11. If DeWalt made any real mistake in the gradual change from 18v to 20v Max, it's that they continued to fully support the older system for so long. Here in the States, the 18v line was only discontinued in the past year or two, meaning that for at least 7 years (2011-2018) new tools could be purchased in either style. Our big box retailers like Lowe's and Home Depot offered multiple $99 holiday kits, with an 18v XRP often displayed next to the 2-3 20v max Models on sale. While many of these were likely purchased for the replacement batteries, some people doubtlessly bought the 18v kit with t
  12. The new Craftsman just lacks the stage presence, if you will, of the old Sears stuff. Sure, I can walk into Lowe's and be exposed to a sea of red Craftsman signage, but the effect is diminished by the equally prominent DeWalt yellow, Kobalt blue, and in some cases MetaboHPT green. Also, whereas Sears had aisles devoted to hand tools, with each different size and style of socket or wrench getting its own peg, Lowe's (at least the ones I visit) focuses almost solely on kits. To be honest, Home Depot is similar, with Husky's hand tool section occupying almost no space compared to the multiple
  13. This... Modern batteries used by today's major brands are the result of years--if not decades--of research and experience as exactly what components/design factors make the best power source for a given tool. We have really seen this over the past five or so years, with each manufacturer releasing their version of high performance batteries for "smart" or high draw tools. FlexVolt, Milwaukee HO, Ryobi HP, etc. are all examples of batteries designed to complement smaller (2ah, etc.) batteries. To put this in perspective, ten years ago cordless circular saws generally used small
  14. fm2176

    Flexvolt problem

    I have a 20v Max 4ah battery that was doing the same thing. DeWalt sent a new one, no questions asked, and after closer examination I realized that one or two of the terminals were corroded. I saved the old battery as I'm certain the cells are good, and I think the charger is simply unable to read the battery's condition. Check your connection terminals, you may find a similar issue.
  15. So, I stumbled across one of these at two separate Lowe's locations this past weekend (description and price after my comments, in case the link disappears): https://www.lowes.com/pd/Metabo-HPT-was-Hitachi-Power-Tools-Framing-Finish-2-Tool-Kit/1003008470 I have to admit, my first thought was "hmmm, I might need that. Then I thought better...I don't have a pressing need for a roofing nailer and I already have premium saws from DeWalt, Ridgid, and Milwaukee. So, I didn't really pay too much attention to it, rather looking it up when I got home before realizing that the na
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