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  1. Lowes and Flex could have a winner if they pull the Milwaukee playbook when TTI took over they really positioned the brand as a good value proposition with great features and tech. What got people to buy into Mke was the innovative tools, but also the fact they had crazy promotions back then like buy a kit and get 2 4.0 ah batteries.
  2. It looks like Metabo and Bosch are either out a Lowes or significantly scaled back.
  3. And surprise surprise its big green aka Ryobi!!
  4. You have the torque clutch set for fastening and not drilling. When drilling you want to have the arrow on the drill bit icon.
  5. I would reach out to someone on MKE's Facebook page they are usually more willing to help a customer out. You never know and you might just get a CSR having a bad day.
  6. The Carburetor is most likely gummed up from sitting its a side effect of ethanol in gas.
  7. Paul is right its probably not worth investing any money in repairs at this time. You can get the Harbor Freight Warrior drill for 34.99 and possibly even lower with a coupon. I would also look into Ryobi just because of the depth of tools offered.
  8. DR99

    Ryobi Car Buffer

    Ryobi only makes a cordless buffer. For a true high speed polisher you will need to move up to Milwaukee, Makita, or Dewalt.
  9. Nice hearing from you Wigwag. It's going well considering all the Covid drama I just hope to be back to work soon. The UTB was an awesome giveaway it definitely brought traffic to the fourm.
  10. Its seems like in general belt sanders have fallen out of favor at the moment. Some of the new random orbit sanders are pretty aggressive with material removal. The only major brand right now that makes a cordless version is ridgid.
  11. Ryobi is weird like that they will discontinue products at a whim. More than likely sales stagnated.
  12. I believe the red clip was just to make it legal for air transport.
  13. DR99

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas TIA crew!!
  14. Are you located in the USA? Because I know international tool prices are a lot more. You would be better off investing in a new lithium ion drill kit over the Holidays with the deals on a new kit over getting replacement batteries on a nicad tool.
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