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  1. Welcome to the crew.👍
  2. The design looks like a festool vac.
  3. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to the crew from Ocean City Maryland
  4. Happy Thanksgiving to the crew and your families🦃
  5. It was on display at this years pipe line. You can find plenty of videos on YouTube.
  6. The track saw was talk of the show.
  7. 95% of my tools are Milwaukee with some Festool stuff thrown in. When I bought the flex tools they where over seas. I wanted a drywall sanding system that was cheaper then Festool and this is what I found. As for buying anything else they make that would be a No. I have a post in the shop under Mobile shop and you can see the vac.
  8. As of right now I own 2 Flex tools. The FLEX VCE 33 LAC 9 Gallon HEPA Vacuum and the FLEX GE 5 Giraffe Wall and Ceiling Sander. They are very well made and work well. I have had these tool going on 5 years now and have had no complaints.
  9. Never weld on galvanized. If you decide to try to grind it off get the best respirator you can find and it fits properly.
  10. It wasn't to bad. Back in the late 70's I shot high power rife competition. I had 2 FN30-11 sniper in 308 Karl Kaps scope, and the Anschutz target sight. I made a straight up trade one of the 30-11's for the Scar.
  11. Today I fell into a deal I could not pass up. A Scar heavy in 308 and a PSA AR-1o in 6.5 CREEDMOOR and a Wilson combat 45
  12. Welcome to the crew. Take your time to look around and take in all the info you can.
  13. Merry Christmas to you Bigmikez and to all the crew
  14. I don't know how I missed this thread but I'm glad I found it .
  15. I use the Milwaukee M18 mud mixer and have never had any trouble mixing. I have used it to mix thin set for tile setting. Mixing drywall mud and mud for parging block walls. I have had that mixer 3 or more years now.
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