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  1. Someone had the same issue with a discontinued Ryobi tool. They called Ryobi directly and were able to order a part. I would start by contacting them.
  2. Eric - TIA

    RB18L50 Issue

    When it comes to batteries, I am lost. We have a couple of guys in here who know this stuff inside and out. Hopefully they will chime in soon.
  3. Eric - TIA

    saw blade

    ToolBane is right, it really depends what you are cutting. All around general blade, I am a fan of Diablo.
  4. Sounds like something with the electronics. That is weird. Did you contact Milwaukee?
  5. I would contact Hilti directly. They have so many local shops and are one of the best for customer services and getting you the parts right away.
  6. Is it just one battery or all batteries? Routers are high demand tools and will rip through batteries but depends upon the bit, type of wood and how much you are cutting.
  7. Check eBay. If not, try to find out the OEM of that manufacturer and reach out to them.
  8. That seems to happen with a lot of hammer drills. Not sure how old it was but one of the product managers at a company once told me that a hammer drill is really designed for light applications but users try to use them all the time and it wears them out quickly. Not sure how old your is but it sounds more like a hammering issue than an electronic issue. Just not sure how to fix it.
  9. No you aren't doing anything wrong. Just a bad chuck. You can replace the chuck if you want to keep the drill. Very easy to replace if you want.
  10. No sorry. Not sure if they are their own manufacturer or someone manufactures for them under their name. I do know when it comes to Jackhammer's, Bosch and Hilti are the top. Sorry to hear that your not happy with your purchase. I feel that is usually what happens to me.
  11. No idea but I am curious if anyone knows what it is and what it's used for.
  12. Glad to have you in the forum.
  13. That's a hard one to answer as there are many different variables. Really depends on the tool. I don't think one line dominates for every category.
  14. I know. When it first showed on the site when they were trying to get rid of it, that was the first time I even knew about that tool. After a little research, I couldn't believe how expensive it was. Very cool, I want one.
  15. Do you have a pictures? It sounds broken. What kind of drill? I would image you can take the outer shell or case off and see what is going on.
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