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  1. I have no idea what that tool is, very wierd. That's a cool floor. Don't see subs usually cut at an angle, very cool.
  2. That really sucks. I won the same laser and absolutely love it but not sure where to fix it because never had any issues. Here is a link to Bosch service centers.
  3. I have the Ryobi glue gun also. I love it and use it a lot but your right, it does take a lot of time to heat up.
  4. Great question and not sure. It looks very cool. I would image you can wipe it clean then seal to keep the beauty in tact and also protect yourself. I know a lot of people use concrete countertops so I am sure there is a way.
  5. Just use the variable speed trigger when driving screws etc. When tightening nuts etc, you can grab a torque wrench to make sure you have the correct pressure.
  6. I am assuming you mean a battery powered lawnmower? If so, yes you can cut your grass when its damp or wet. If it's raining, you should never cut your grass with an electric or gas powered mower as you will leave divots if its a rider and when it rains, some of the blades of grass are pushed down from the rain so when you cut, it won't cut those blades. Once the rain stops and the grass stands tall again, it won't look good. When i say raining, I am talking about a long rain, not one of the quick 10 minute rains.
  7. Wow, that is a great deal. I need some so I am going to stop by my local lowes next week.
  8. Not that I am aware of. That is weird because I haven't heard that happening with the batteries. Wondering if it's a defect or what is going on.
  9. Sounds awesome. Too bad I didn't live closer otherwise I would come over and help with the leftovers. Sounds like it was a success and a great time.
  10. Great point. Wow, I forgot about the Ryobi nailers. I used the Ryobi for some trim in my house last year and it was also great. Yes, very smooth and consistent.
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