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  1. EEtwidget


    Sleep... hahaha
  2. EEtwidget


    Hello crew, I have been MIA, work & a pregnant wife definitely occupy a majority of my time. I do apologize. Tonight we had our first child. A boy born July 26th @ 3:10pm. 8lbs 10oz & 20 inches long. Timothy Maverick Farrell It was a rough one, as I imagine most are. I want to give a special thank you to Dan & Erick. A while ago I won the Milwaukee M18 Speaker. This turned out to be the most important accessory we brought to the hospital. Playing pandora stations; 'ambient' to help the wife relax. During the important par
  3. EEtwidget


    My robot kids took home 2nd place in their field trials. Technically they out preformed the other teams, they collected too much data and couldn't process everything fast enough. O'well. Next time we will win #1. Still proud of them. the team decided to show-off a bit and took a selfie in the middle of competition. Proving the robot is fully autonomous. ?
  4. Just in the nick of time! My wife is 7-months pregnant with our first child. I've been super busy with work, I haven't had much time to build. A quick trip to Rockler, rummaging in their bargain wood bin. I came home with Walnut, Yellow Carany, and Padauk. Backstory: I bought her a similar designed necklace Christmas. CNC to the rescue. Finish: Wipe on poly & paste wax
  5. I can see a benefit in mobile aCAD. In site I would measure & hand draw, get back to the office and spend time transferring hand drawing to computer. often it's simple shapes, it would be nice to save time and skip having to draw twice. However, I can just bring my laptop. No real need to draw on my phone
  6. EEtwidget


    Today was exhausting, but rewarding. We spent about 10 hours under the sun, shooting rockets, doing donuts, learning science, and forming friendships. This is about half the students I got some quality drone footage, I'll need to spend some time editing though. Phantom 3 Professional with 4K video. We had a few other quads out but the phantom is definitely the easiest to fly. The students built data loggers as part of this project. Inserted into the rockets, 9 degrees of data was recorded. Altitude, acceleration, axis of rotati
  7. EEtwidget


    It's awesome teaching them to build. Often frustrating, but rewarding. Im sure we will continue to build quads but I've got no immediate plans to continue that specific one. It's a students 'solution' to the problem we presented. Half the fun of teaching this stuff is seeing the creative ways people go about solving problems. this Sunday we are headed out to the dry lakebed. The students built rockets & fitted them with electronic data loggers. Hopefully a bit more successful then N. Korea launches ? This is one one of the students builds. Political sat
  8. EEtwidget


    Today the kids partisapated in the first phase of the robot competition. The goal is to design a robot that assist first responders in locating victims. I've been mentoring this group the previous two semesters. Today was the presentation section, a design review judged by a panel of graduate students. We took 2nd place. Im hopping for a first place finish during the actual competition. Very proud of there hard work!
  9. ? I would make an ugly girl. Too much facial hair. Maybe I can become a TIA girl ?
  10. We don't get a lot of snow around So California but recently a lot of rain. Those AWD Explores don't preform as well as expected. This was posted in my off road recovery group.
  11. People kept asking me if I wanted a boy or girl. I responded; Either is great, I just hope it's not a liberal. ?
  12. About 22-weeks into pregnancy and everything looks good. Except for me, I'm still a mess. ?
  13. $100k is good money. It all depends on a persons lifestyle though. for a dual income household, $100k plus the other income... your doing okay. $400-$600k is about average cost for a single family home. $800k-$1M+ for something large, new, in a good neighborhood. I'm sure that much $$ would get you more land in the mid-west. Keep in mind there's at least 30k in benefits. $3 for name brand prescription, PPO with $10 co-pay, and an amazing dental plan. Working in education, you get all the school holidays off. im sure a hardworking contractor can make more $.
  14. EEtwidget


    At the end of the day all you can do is love your family & have an escape plan. I criticize both sides of the political table and find merit on the left & right. I've become an anomaly, politically indifferent- judging the issues over allegiances
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