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  1. @Mathew123, The link provided has straight shank and Pozidriv bits. The OP is looking for name brand SDS Plus shank wood bits. Was a different link intended for SDS Plus bits?
  2. Good that shocking the tool restored normal operation. On my old Milwaukee 0224-1 drill the gear case grease had gotten funny over the years, so I disassembled, cleaned and properly lubricated w/ the correct grease, as-shown in this topic. The previously linked parts manual shows the correct lubrication for that tool. If performed properly then there is only good that will result from that preventative maintenance.
  3. Welcome to the forum. The Owner's Manual on that 2707-20 M18 FUEL HOLE HAWG doesn't have any info, except bring it to a service shop. This Parts Manual has LOTS of useful information that may assist in tracking down the problem for resolution.
  4. A cordless electric snowblower will likely run out of "gas" w/ a normal sized property, decreasing the expected utility. A corded electric snowblower should have a heavy duty extension cord and properly wired 15A or preferably 20A GFCI receptacle. The operation will require attention to the cord to avoid injestion into the auger. Electric motors are great, w/ lots of torque. The intentionally elevated Biden / Harris / Obama fuel prices fold over into electricity (plus inflation on everything else) so I would expect operation costs to be a wash between the possible fuel sources. One thing I noticed is my new gasoline lawnmower gets MUCH better fuel economy than my recently retired 25 year old mower, so new versus old will have a fuel savings. Or just move here to southern Florida and retire the thoughts of blowing snow.
  5. Welcome to the forum. The low rpm symptom sounds like either the throttle plate is not fully open, the choke is partially closed or insufficient fuel is being provided.
  6. Welcome to the forum. Sorry for your loss. Very cool tool. My 100% speculation is a cool two sided adjustable wrench. My attempt at humor is: maybe metric on one side and SAE on the other.
  7. Note that there is a CPSC recall on some serial numbers for this saw. The manufacturer reworked / repaired / marked affected serial numbers that have been corrected. That CPSC link is in my previously linked topic. Ensure proper / safe operation w/ this tool.
  8. Welcome to the forum. Good luck w/ your new table saw. Here is my Ridgid R4511 topic. It may have useful information. The Incra V27 Miter Gauge looks to be a very nice option that will fit into the 3/4" table grooves. Uncertain if the Beismeyer fence will work in this application. The blade guard is not available but there are nice aftermarket options, w/ lighting and vacuum options.
  9. Nothing that large in diameter for wood in a name brand. Here is a Makita set that goes up to ¼" diameter.
  10. The two common sizes of SDS tools / bits are SDS Plus and SDS Max. Which size is being sought for wood bits?
  11. Welcome to the forum. The OP made this door for his customer's cabin. It is not a commercial application. IMO the construction is beautiful and is infinitely superior and more durable than the pressed paper slurry hollow core doors that are being installed everywhere. During a recent remodel I needed to install some door slabs. Several were the molded six panel paper slurry doors. Because of the dimensions and required features several needed to be wooden doors. The difference was WOW amazing (at a higher cost). I would love to have doors made by the OP in my home!
  12. This Milwaukee 48-89-4631 23-Piece Titanium Shockwave Drill Set remains in the toolbox w/ my DeWALT DCF887M2 20V MAX XR 3-Speed Impact Driver. These drill bits are impact rated by the manufacturer. The impact driver works fine w/ these drill bits. When I break a bit I just purchase a similar replacement. I have not found that Milwaukee sells identical bits individually, only as a set.
  13. Welcome to the forum. What happens if the steps defined in the Instruction Manual are followed for clearing a jammed nail? FWIW @Flyer13is is not good form to reply to a dead topic and is better form to create a new topic for the current issue.
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