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  1. Welcome to the forum. Be aware that chainsaw kickback is a concern when used in this fashion. The tip / blade will be in dirt / rocks, in addition to the wood. Extensive cleaning / lubrication especially on the tip wheel, blade groove and chain will help reduce the wear from this operation mode. Note that another option is mushroom stump removal. I have used this with acceptable results in several instances. For tools like this I frequently purchase used, such as with Craig's List, Offer Up or eBay.
  2. Welcome to the forum. Do the symptoms exist when using a different battery?
  3. Welcome to the forum. That compressor has a one year warranty, so maybe they can resolve the problem.
  4. Welcome to the forum. Why not just swap the entire switch w/ different part that fits okay? Something like this part? POWERTEC 71353 Toggle Safety Switch
  5. Welcome to the forum. My expectation is that those tools, stored outdoors, covered with a tarp will rust and degrade. It sounds like other options don't exist, so make the best of the situation. Given that the majority of our population lives in a disposable society, then this deterioration w/ eventual replacement is acceptable. My motto has been "take care of your tools and they will take care of you". The 40+ year old tools I purchased new are going strong, as are those I inherited from my parents and grandparents. An enclosure, such as a shed,
  6. Welcome to the forum. The solution provided by DeWALT is a tool bag. That may be the only reasonable option because of the width of the tool. This topic shows by custom TSTAK II OMT case w/ custom cut Kaisen foam inserts. When I purchased additional tools that arrive in bags, I yank the inserts from this case to determine if it will fit, permitting a similar solution. None have fit. My linked reply includes interior dimensions, permitting a manual fit evaluation. New and used DeWALT tool bags are available, such as on eBay. WRT to dus
  7. Welcome to the forum. Proper price selection is a difficult step. When I am selling I use the active listings in Offer Up, eBay and Craig's List to discover what is being offered for sale to others in my area. The condition on the listings is compared to my item, for scaling up and down. All known defects are always listed, images and a quick inspection during the transaction don't always identify issues prior to the all-sales-final cash deal.
  8. Most 'fridge models locate the shared cooling plate (w/ the Freon) between the freezer and the refrigerator compartments, providing greater cold surface area for a smaller volume to make the freezer colder. Even if the other physical barriers are removed, that cold plate is still a physical barrier, so the freezer area will always be colder. It may be possible to decrease the thermal stratification by adding internal circulation fans to move air between the compartments. The thermostat monitors / regulates the temperature on one compartment, for single compr
  9. Pages 9 + 10 of the Owner's Manual show setting the two bevel stops, for 90° and for 45°. Is the 45° stop set incorrectly, preventing the correct angle?
  10. Welcome to the forum. A DeWALT DW795 is a wet dry vacuum. What is the model number and type of the problematic saw?
  11. Welcome to the forum. Is the three position lamp slide switch now in the 20 minutes on position? If so, what happens when it is set to the 20 second high or low position?
  12. Welcome to the forum. fm2176 is correct. The old style brush motor tools permitted visible observation of sparks through the side openings. That Milwaukee M18 Li-Ion drill is brushless and should not spark. It is a brushless motor, so it is impossible for the brushes (that don't exist) to spark. It sounds like maybe the trigger switch is sparking.
  13. It looks like the bits in the bottom right corner would fit that cavity. Amazon Security Bit Set
  14. Welcome to the forum. It is unlikely that a window A/C will decrease the interior temperature to 45°F. A room A/C has a maximum interior / exterior differential, something in the 15-20°F range. It also has an operating temperature range. It is unlikely that the A/C manufacturer would have designed the A/C to support that requirement.
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