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  1. Welcome to the forum. My hammer drill may be toggled to normal drilling, so I use that single tool for both types of drilling operations. My drill has been retired to be a spare tool on my boat. The impact driver tool is used for fastener insertion removal. In my case, two tools are required, not three.
  2. My tool set has included several portable contractor saws over the years, then I landed my Ridgid R4511. I love this saw. One of the attributes that initially amazed me, plus continues to provide satisfaction at each usage, is just how quiet this tool is during operation, as compared to my direct drive portable contractor saws. In my case I made several minor tweaks and now mine makes very accurate cuts. The cabinet on my saw was also completely full of sawdust, filling almost two 5 gallon buckets before I loaded it into my Grand Cherokee. Mine i
  3. Here is an example of creating a cart iron part.
  4. Welcome to the forum. When I need a tool like this I use Craig's List and Offer Up to locate something that meets my requirements at an appropriate cost. It may take time for a match to arise.
  5. Welcome to the forum. Why not purchase an inexpensive nut driver or socket, then modify that tool to carefully decrease the wall thickness to 0.75mm thick, such as w/ a grinder?
  6. Welcome to the forum. That is very unfortunate. As you probably know, the Ridgid 089037005129 Pivot Bracket and the identical Craftsman 31061.00 Table Saw Pintle are both discontinued parts. I was unable to locate the Steel City Tool Works P/N, but my guess is that it is also no longer available. It may not hurt to contact Ridgid by telephone to see if they may be able to help. This link shows that Ridgid 089037005129 Pivot bracket. This link shows that Craftsman 31061.00 Table Saw Pintle part. If retaining usage of this tool is desi
  7. Great job. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Welcome to the forum. FWIW, that compressor is a few notches above a toy, so the fact it is making useful pressure is good. There are very few applications that require higher pressure, like 300 PSI. If those pressures are required, then this compressor might not be the best choice. Yes, there must be volume above the piston. When creating a performance engine, one step that is used is to shave the head, to decrease the volume and to increase the compression. Another step is to replace the crankshaft to increase the stroke, increasing the displacement. Neith
  9. Welcome to the forum. Based on the limited info, it looks like the bearing is pressed into the housing.
  10. Excellent job! Waaay better than the pink version being sold on Amazon. Was that the starting point? Amazon Instep Pink Pedal Car
  11. Welcome to the forum. Assuming this is a rotation micrometer style torque wrench. If the wrench is rotated past the minimum by a small amount, but not so far that the handle unscrews from the mechanism threads, then it is fine. When doing that on my wrenches I am laser focused on that activity to ensure that problem doesn't occur
  12. Welcome to the forum. My gasoline pressure washer has been a solid performer for decades. It is still one of my favorite tools to use, followed by a long shower to remove dirt from places I didn't know I had.
  13. Welcome to the forum. The Mighty Vac hand vacuum pump kit has been a solid performer for me for decades.
  14. Welcome to the forum. All of the DeWALT small angle grinders come with only the Type 27 guard. That is general purpose for most applications.The DeWALT Owner's Manual shows which wheel types are applicable for that guard. The Type 1 guard has a full shroud and is shown for usage with flat wheels, such as the diamond blade. The Type 1 full shroud provides greater protection if a wheel should fail. My experience has consumed many wheels and I am fortunate to never have experienced a wheel failure. The clamp nut is designed to work with thick and th
  15. Welcome to the forum. Doesn't the tool already look like this image w/ tables and a disc? [
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