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  1. My experience is that plug cleaning is a feel good emergency measure, but very limited utility. If the plug is bad toss it. IMO, the plug lifetime is based on other factors, such as maintaining the air filter as clean. If I am doing dusty mowing and don't clean the air filter, then my plug suffers. Otherwise, I get years and years from my plug. On my 1985 Snapper 21" walk behind, I find decreased power means the plug needs replacement.
  2. Try reaching out to DeWALT. Maybe they can assist. That should not happen.
  3. Welcome to the forum. The DeWALT D55168 Type 3 parts listing does not show anything at that location. That appears to be a prior repair that has failed. There are many online topics showing how to repair a compressor tank pinhole. While it may work for some period and while it might not have a catastrophic and disastrous failure, the risk associated with that pressurized tank failing is not something I would want to be in my vicinity. IMO, time to get a different compressor, or at least a different tank.
  4. Welcome to the forum. When using the keyless chuck, toggle the forward / reverse switch to the middle (lock) position. The middle position permits tightening the chuck completely. Same for loosening.
  5. The major remodel of a rental home includes elimination of the 35 gallon water heater and replacing it with a 18kW tankless water heater mounted on an interior closet wall. This change will permit a later update to add an additional bedroom and bathroom. The 18kW Rinkmo heater I purchased for my southern Florida home appears to be well made and well designed. The usage of a tankless water heater requires proper selection, based on expected water consumption and based on inlet water temperature. The southern Florida application is best / easiest because the cold water never gets rea
  6. An air compressor tank is designed to remain pressurized 24/7/365. The best method for control of water condensed from air water vapor is to install an automatic tank drain purge valve, that burps air / water out from a bottom bung to a drain location. Every air compressor already includes an unloader / check valve, that automatically purges the pressurized air between the tank and the compressor, so the compressor is free to start against atmospheric pressure, instead of struggling to start against a pressurized tank. That is the audible hiss after the compressor stop
  7. Welcome to the forum. Demolition waste is a big part of any remodeling project. When my daughter and I initiated a home remodel, we ended up w/ a massive amount of heavy mass rubble, including LOTS of tile, sheetrock and much other assorted debris. In southern FL, all of the municipalities prohibit discarding construction debris. A barrel full of tile would have greatly exceeded the hydraulic lift ability for my home Brute 50 gallon barrel and would have raised bright red flags for the municipal trash authorities. The local pay waste collection s
  8. Welcome to the forum. Thank you for sharing Hilaria Baldwin w/ the United States. What about the DeWALT DCK299M2 / DCD996 hammer drill? That tool appears to be very similar, except without including the POWER DETECT 8Ah high capacity technology.
  9. Welcome to the forum. Note it is never good practice to resurrect an ancient thread. It is much better form to create a new topic to detail any issues and members will assist.
  10. Welcome to the forum. A 240V / 15A motor is going to be about 3½ horsepower or greater, depending upon motor-specific parameters. The 12" saw w/ ~3½hp is going to be better that a 10" saw w/ 1hp, assuming both are working properly. Agree that it would be disappointing to wire for the saw only to discover it is dead. An "easy" way to test is to use the electric dryer connection and change the receptacle to permit a quick test w/o a huge effort and commitment. FWIW, all my table saws have been 10". My guess is the 12" is better, but po
  11. Welcome to the forum. That is unfortunate. Why not carefully repair the damage using epoxy? My go-to product is West System epoxy. I also use their fillers to thicken and change the properties, as required.
  12. Welcome to the forum. The #31 slides up and down in the #55 when the #58 shaft is rotated, using the control not shown in the image having a gear that mates to the #61 gear. If the parts don't move then cleaning and lubrication is a good first step. Parts that slide and parts that rotate must slide/rotate instead of binding. The #31 slides up and down on the #56 shafts. The #58 shaft screws into the #60 receptacle. Also, the actuation shaft and shaft bushings not shown in the image must be free to rotate. It may be that the #30 set sc
  13. Welcome to the forum. That is a nice looking saw. The audible sound from my direct drive table saws has always been very screeching loud, while my belt drive is very quiet. I have never owned or heard a worm drive. How is the sound? A table saw is one of the most useful general purpose tools. The concern for safety is very, very valid. Bad things can happen so much faster than the eye can see or a human can react. There is LOTS and LOTS of info available online. That is a great newbie starting point. Here are some general pointers:
  14. Welcome to the forum. There are still zero FlexVolt safety issues issues being reported on the DeWALT site or on the CPSC site. My suggestion is to report the details both to the manufacturer and to the CPSC, instead of only to a forum, so appropriate action may be implemented. There is a reason why the Owner's Manual has four pages of battery and battery charger safety instructions (that everyone fails to read).Lithium Ion batteries have a very high energy density and all safety procedures must be followed.
  15. Welcome to the forum. This style picture hook is available in many small to large sizes and is the only method I use for hanging pictures. It works well, in my case has never failed in decades of usage and many dozens of applications. It leaves a very small hole in the sheetrock and is very easy to fix w/ joint compound.
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