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  1. Mine works just fine attaching to tripod no problems
  2. Very smart something to integrate tough system and packout would be sick
  3. Flexvolt saw with 7 1/4 blades works perfect and blades are cheap and easily available on
  4. Send a picture of this “low quality” blade ? You sure it isn’t dull? Have you ever sharpened a saw blade before? Where is your supporting evidence to your Bogus claim.
  5. You need to buy some professional grade tools if you expect them to keep up with daily use and abuse Also what are you cutting are you sure a sawzall is the best tool for the job
  6. I don’t believe the have adaptors that change voltage
  7. It comes with 5 sets of Arms. I would think with the smaller boxes and additional arms you could fit 7 or 8 depending on weight
  8. The miter saws that built America let’s be honest. 💥
  9. They still repair tools out of warranty. You may have to pay but that’s part of owning a tool.
  10. Here you go 100 bucks and keep yours as a parts tool and you can run on forever https://www.buya.com/Item/Details/DEWALT-MODEL-DW610-ROUTER-1-1-2-HP-W-1-4-1-2-COLLETS-2-WRENCHES-AND-BOX/lite/c92b430cdb3f4dbfb54ba5335cf1f155?gclid=Cj0KCQjwz4z3BRCgARIsAES_OVc8N4K5bIlF9xLwop5IOPWu2cTVJiZcyCJX_SA4DhoZgOIc4AHi-bkaAr52EALw_wcB
  11. Call Dewalt Service and send it to them they will gladly fix it or replace it
  12. I do believe they have a sausage/bulk gun make sure you do your research
  13. The battery makes it electric start. Dewalt is working on Ventilator power supply for Covid 19.
  14. Not genuine batteries you get what you pay for there
  15. I have only seen the small
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