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  1. I have and yes it helps but I still get clogged up more than I'd like.
  2. Hey guys, havent been paying much attention lately to tool news etc. But the new year as me wanting to step my tool game up a bit. Being cleaning the van out and deciding what I can upgrade, and outta my cordless tools the dcp580 has been my biggest let down. I cant use this thing without it bogging up and I've no back up planer. I've tried my friends makita and it works way better but I dont wanna jump platforms. Any plans for a newer version does anyone know or anyone even having this same issue?
  3. My older ones are still under 3 year warranty. They must have stopped it not too long ago.
  4. 1 year standard. 3 year with registration online within 30 days of purchase
  5. Have dewalt lost faith in there own tools or what? I just registered a new nail gun and it showed up standard warranty so emailed support to be told they no longer offer extended warranty on nail guns
  6. Turner85

    Please help

    Thanks. Thats gonna help
  7. Turner85

    Please help

    Ive been on to them. They are willing to sort it out just hassle for me getting it to them and the repair guy seems to be having as much trouble as me in identifying the actual part. Its difficult to make out on any of the part sites that show an exploded view of the drill
  8. Turner85

    Please help

    As u can see from the 3 pictures. In picture 1 the door stays shut and in picture 2 i have to physically keep it open as its on a spring and picture 3 u can see the connection that needs to go in once its in the open position but it basically just knocks into it and it stays closed. I will also add a picture of the drill base to which looks like something is missing
  9. Turner85

    Please help

    Hi guys being a while since i posted.. I just received some tools back from a makita registered repair centre today. Im based in Dublin Ireland and my makita dhr243 hammer drill which came with a vac attachment was one of them. Well the drill seems to be working fine but the vac will no longer attach to it, seems the base of the drill is missing something which opens up a spring loaded door if thats what u wanna call it. I will attach some pictures to show what i mean and basically i just need someone to point me in the direction of which part it is i need as i cant figure it out on any of the parts sites. Thanks in advance
  10. Good stuff. Need it with these dark mornings and evenings
  11. Any European release date for this? A lot of newer releases seem to be way behind or not even coming to Europe lately. Flexvolt compressor also hasn't seem to hit Europe.
  12. Yes I've looked into it today. Your correct, only the big rotary one in Europe anyway. It's actually the smaller green 12v that I was interested in. I will have to bump it down a couple of places on my wishlist till we hopefully have this cleared up or an 20v announced
  13. Do 20v max lasers exist? Or did I read something wrong, I know about the 12v which I was actually putting money aside for, so im glad I stumbled across this thread.
  14. I actually own the makita brushless barrel grip. Good jigsaw but has two really annoying things about it, soft start which doesn't speed up till feels pressure against the blade which is sometimes a nuisance to trigger in lighter materials, on/off switch which requires a second hand to turn off. I only mentioned the dewalt because it is one of the more popular tools that hasn't made the transition to brushless yet
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