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  1. The only reason for me to go XGT would be the XGT X2 tools, though I see that the 5" grinder would be a deal maker for some people. Most of the single battery XGT tools I would use are already available as 18v x2, (circ saw, rotary hammer) which is a platform I'm already using. For those high-draw tools (5" and 9" grinder, SDS-Max rotary hammer, table saw etc), I personally prefer Hikoki (Metabo HPT) Multivolt platform, simply because of the availability of AC-DC adapter, so I dont have to waste cycles on my batteries when using a tool for a longer period of time on a spot, with AC power avai
  2. I havent experienced such a thing with my DTD171 (which is the same thing here in Europe), or any of my previous makita tools.
  3. Yeah, thats normal, its an older brushed model.
  4. Can you tell us the exact model? Some of them have the battery mounting on flexible connection, I even thought my high-torque impact wrench was broken when I first took it out of the package.
  5. Main reason to drain air from the tank after use is to also drain the water that accumulates into the tank due to condensation, preventing corrosion.
  6. I bought a Festool CTL 36 AC HD dust extractor, a Festool CT-VA-20 Cyclone separator and bluetooth receiver/remote kit for it.
  7. aessu

    after xmass sale

    Get the XSH03, or the blade right compact brushless saw. You will need some bigger batteries, those compact 5cell batteries cannot deliver enough current for these saws, you need 3Ah or bigger batteries, which have 10 cells
  8. aessu

    XCU03 vs XCU07

    I've broken the sprocket cover that holds the tensioning parts once. Was like 15-20 dollar part and took about 5 minutes to move the parts from one cover to another & put the saw back together.
  9. aessu

    XCU03 vs XCU07

    It works fine. Been using one for 3 years every now and then.
  10. All of them do that. Also as Toolbane said, if you just leave the battery on the charger until the fan stops, it will trickle charge the last few %. When the charger says battery is charged, its actually somewhere between 85% to 95% charged.
  11. Makita backpack vac sounds like a perfect fit for you. I'm myself for in market for something mains powered, with automatic filter cleaning, capable to be used with my Makita NPC5000 concrete grinder.
  12. So it hasnt been used? Shouldnt do that. I broke mine twice with a step bit into some 3mm thick steel
  13. The gearbox/clutch is broken. My DDF482 (wich is the same drill without hammer function) had the same problems. I had it fixed once, and when it broke down again I bought a DDF484 which has metal gears, DDF482 has plastic gears.
  14. Got myself a Makita DCS552(XSC03) metal cutting circ saw, mainly for steel stud interior walls and standing seam steel roof work, neither of which could have justified the purchase alone, but when im doing little bit of both every now and then, its worth it.
  15. Hitachi/Hikoki/Metabo HPT should definitely be on the list. Hikoki (Nailers, and some multivolt tools like recip and 9" grinder) and Makita (everything else) is what I run.
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