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  1. The 10" cordless has been a life saver for me while renovating my 1920s house. It is powerful, precise, and can be setup anywhere regardless of power availability. The 12" cordless is great too, but I feel like it is a little less precise, seems to go through batteries a bit faster, and I pretty much never need that capacity. Both saws are HEAVY though, and a pain to get between levels in the house. If portability is important, the little 7¼ cordless miter can get a lot of your typical tasks done.
  2. I don't see the XGT platform as a great option if you mainly want an impact driver. Yeah, they have one on the platform, but that is a convenience for the folks using XGT for the higher power tools, not really a reason to buy into the platform. When you see the driver alone that is a "bare tool" (model number ends in "Z"; e.g., XDT16z). Kits can either be a single tool with batteries and a charger or they can be "combos" that include multiple tools, batteries, and a charger (sometimes accessories also). If you need the tools anyway and don't want to shop around a ton, combos can be a good deal. For example, I'm not sure if the deal is still going, but recently HD had the top tier impact driver (XDT16) AND top tier hammer drill (XPH14) in a kit with four 5ah batteries (2 in the kit plus two more on promotion), a charger and an XPS bit set for $399. While expensive overall, it is much cheaper than buying all the pieces separately.
  3. I agree with Eric on the 2ah. I rarely use anything else in my impacts and use them all day. Gives good balance and makes them a breeze to hang on your belt if working up high. Plus they charge so fast!
  4. The XDT16 (TD171 outside US) is the best out there right now (in the US at least) and can be had in your price range (typical store price is $180, but can get on-sale and many new on eBay etc for $150 or less). If you are okay with a few less features to get the price down a little more, look at the XDT14 which is around $130 normally. Both are great.
  5. Jjwillac


    I think all of mine have come with one white blade and no foam.
  6. There's been some clarification on this. So the entire backpack appears to be its own battery unit (i.e., individual XGT or LXT batteries are not used) that is charged directly. You can get output cords that will attach to either XGT or LXT X2. So really it isn't compatibility across platforms, just an "accessory" that will work with either platform.
  7. This picture got posted on a Makita Facebook group along with a bunch of other new Makita offerings. I think it's notable that it appears to be compatible with both XGT and LXT, which I think would be a first? Other than the XGT charger that is. Might change some people's thoughts on the XGT system. At any rate, its good to know it is a possibility and I hope there are more tools like this coming.
  8. Video still shows on Facebook, but you might need to be a group member to see? I can't copy the video, but here are some pictures.
  9. Here is someone selling a Makita flex click conversion kit. If link doesn't work let me know and I'll post some pics. https://www.facebook.com/groups/167031360437573/permalink/1092974984509868/
  10. Jjwillac

    New Multitool

    Unfortunately, I don't have a link to the actual catalog; various people were posting pictures of specific pages on Facebook Makita groups. There is some debate about the piece near the blade. Some folks are saying it is a removable dust attachment, whereas others are saying it is an adapter that let's you use Starlock. I think the later theory is what @Mr.Ditschy is referencing above. Needing to use an adapter just doesn't make sense to me though since it very clearly says "Starlock Max" on the blade lever.
  11. Jjwillac

    New Multitool

    A new multitool was finally spotted in the 2021 catalog (Asia not US). Interesting that it's Starlock Max. Looks shorter but maybe a bit chunky? Lots of other new stuff spotted in the catalog including a new 18v right angle drill and lots of new XGT (including XGT X2).
  12. I'm very interested in the two XGT rear handle saws being released and I think I saw an XGT X2 chainsaw too. A 1/2 router, belt sander, tablesaw (X2) and vacuum (X2) would be attractive.
  13. Jjwillac

    XCU03 vs XCU07

    What are people's thoughts on the tool-less tensioner on the XCU03? I've only ever had dual post tensioners on my saws and am a little hesitant about the tool-less design. Anyone have any issues with it? I could easily just go with the XCU07, but my local dealer has some 03s on clearance.
  14. I've seen a video where someone converted the Makita 1/4 hex screwdriver to accept the Bosch heads by 3D printing an adapter plate. Was super slick.
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