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  1. This is the correct adapter: click
  2. There are adapters, but the one I got is a bit small. I have another one due here today that will hopefully fit a bit better. I'll post up a link if it winds up working out.
  3. This is with a 6" diameter auger. The dirt here is dry and hard plus I was hitting a bunch of roots from our crape myrtle, so it did pretty good all things considered.
  4. ....especially a FlexVOLT drill press? But even a corded unit would be nice.
  5. Tested the light with a 6.0ah FlexVOLT battery, fully charged each test. On high, the light stayed on for almost exactly 3 hours. On medium, the light stayed on for almost exactly 12 hours. On low, the light stayed on for almost exactly 23 hours. I'm repeating 'exactly' because each one was within about 5 minutes of those times....almost like it was programmed to do that. The light is advertised as 2000 lumens on high. I can't seem to find what the output is on medium or low, but would be curious to know what it is. Anyway, pretty impressive numbers.
  6. Works perfectly, just no longer need it. $50 shipped to the lower 48.
  7. Thanks....they should have done it to begin with lol
  8. And a couple pics of it mounted on the van with the magnet.
  9. Here's the light mounted to the ladder I use the most. Drilled a hole through the rubber handle and metal crossbar of the ladder so the threaded portion of the 1/4" 20 knob can be inserted through and thread into the handle of the light. Tightening it against the rubber also helps ensure the light isn't going to spin like it might on bare metal.
  10. Yeah, the little Milwaukee 12v light has it all built in....clamp, magnets, keyhole.....DeWalt is kind of like "hey, here's a light....you figure it out". But, it's a great light....it lights up a huge area.
  11. First of all, this light is pretty great. Throws a huge amount of light. I bought it primarily for when I'm working in parking garages or construction sites with limited power/lighting. I've seen complaints about limited mounting/attachment options, and I agree....I think for the price ($99), they could have included a couple of pieces to give the user some options. With that said, I bought a coated magnet and a clamp, both with a 1/4" 20 threaded post. The magnet will work great for on top of the van when working overhead and the clamp will work good for attaching to a ladder or cart. I'm also going to pick up a knob similar to the last photo. It'll actually work better than the clamp in some applications. Anyway, just some ideas...
  12. I've used this twice and just prefer my larger extractor. Both items are in almost new condition. New, the extractor is right at $200 for the bare tool and the evacuator is $55. Asking $200 shipped to the lower 48.
  13. Shame the 12" won't fit but good to know the Oregon 10" will if needed, thanks!
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