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  1. wildroamer

    Track Saws

    Would like to get one for my Bosch, doable?
  2. Well I certainly hope my expensive Domino performs better... I just tried this sander and it jumps around uncontrollably, regardless of speed, grit, etc. Not even in the same league as my Bosch. I just left a message to Toolnut, we'll see what happens. Beyond my 30 days, of course...
  3. Very cool KC, man that thing went through that pipe like buttah! They sent you that for free?! How'd you swing that?!?! Congrats!
  4. Those Husqy powerheads are bulletproof. I have a 562xp saw with some of the same tech, thing always starts and runs perfectly, regardless of temp, humidity, etc. I'm sure that will be putting a smile on your face for years to come!
  5. My 2013 XLT short bed. Pic is when I first got her, done some modding since. BEST mod was easily the Livernois Motorsports tune! 3.5 liter twin turbo EcoBoost. Heavy on the boost, eco not so much...
  6. Looks great @tugnut1! I bought a 2013 F150 a few months ago and also bought some more aggressive meats, BFG A/T's. I've got new King coilovers and rear shocks to install, may or may not level in the process.
  7. Grumpy and BMack make good points. Shocking, really. Harhar! One thing I ran into in my crappy garage/shed/landfill/shop, is nowhere near enough room to cut the decking for my deck build. That, plus I like being outdoors cutting when possible, make the portable options important to me.
  8. wildroamer

    Track Saws

    I really love my Bosch GKT55GCE. Poor man's Mafell, lol. NAINA, but I like to be different.
  9. I'll second the DeWalt heavy duty. I have a Mak LS1016L, so bought the DW7231 mounting brackets which work great on and off the stand. If you do go the DeWalt route, I also recommend grabbing a couple of the wide stops, DW7029, and also the extension supports, DW7028. Not an inexpensive setup, but man does it work well!
  10. Excellent comparo guys! Still loving my 996! Cheers!
  11. Wow, beautiful work @rrich1! I'm stumped at the moment in planning my bench. I bought two Festool MFT tops that I thought I could place end-to-end, just not sure how to do it yet. Impressive work!
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