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  1. I bought an M18 compact blower. It makes cleaning computers very quick and easy, much better than disposable cans.
  2. The only thing I'd like from the 2763 is a mid-torque or higher low-torque setting. It takes a long time to get to 100 ft/lbs when it's on low.
  3. I picked up an M18 Impact Driver (2656) demo unit at Home Depot for $30! I just saw it sitting there on the rack with no inventory control, price tag, or box in sight. I asked an employee if they could sell it and he checked with his boss, they tried to sell me the dead battery that was on it but I don't know how long it was dead, probably wouldn't charge.
  4. Thanks guys, took it back to HD and they swapped it out no problem.
  5. I'm standardizing on Milwaukee so I'm looking to get rid of my Ridgid stuff. Everything is used, AS-IS: R86010 Impact Wrench, 1/2" detent pin anvil, 325 ft-lbs torque R86034 Impact Driver, 1/4" quick-release hex, 1750 in-lbs torque R840085 Battery, 18V, 27Wh R840093 Charger, 9.6-18V Li/NiCd Nylon carrying bag The driver/battery/charger were a recon kit, wrench was purchased new about a year ago. Never bought another battery since I only used it for changing my tires. SOLD, WITHDRAWN
  6. My dad picked up a cheap LED flood light, I don't know the brand but it's bright green. It has an array of SMD LEDs, not the high power type like Cree, but the little ones. It was initially very bright but it seems to have dimmed after not much use. It also glows when it's switched off so there's some current leaking through the array, probably pretty cheap driver inside. My Milwaukee M18 lantern is brighter and better color.
  7. Sounds like it's just a bad copy, I'll take it back to Home Depot and see if they can do an exchange first. Maybe I should grab one from the back.
  8. I just picked up their 25' "General Contractor", and it feels like good quality, much nicer to handle than the hard chrome Stanley. I got it home and started testing it out, and at some point it twisted backwards, as they do - but instead of just snapping back it actually ripped. I've seen Stanley and Lufkin snap a lot and never a tear like this, even with "standout competitions". Is this something that's generally bad for any tape to do, is it a defect in my copy, or does Milwaukee make junk tapes? Basically I'm wondering if I should try to exchange it for a new one or just steer clear of their measuring tapes.
  9. This could be a safety issue, once a lithium ion cell is discharged past a certain point it won't actually absorb charge, it will just heat up. This is especially true if they sit in a discharged state for a long period of time. I can imagine the people who have problems might be running the batteries down, and then just putting the tool away for a few months. If they do that and then try to charge it when they need it again it's not going to work. The protection circuits are there for a reason. The same thing would happen with a laptop or a cell phone.
  10. Does that stuff actually taste good?
  11. That sounds like fun, what's "ep3"? Got any photos?
  12. All types of batteries have a constant decrease in capacity with temperature. It won't last as long at 60 degrees as it will at 70, but you wouldn't notice. At 0 it will be much less, but not as much with LiIon as with alkaline or NiMH. Milwaukee is probably using the same cells as everyone else, so expect cold performance to be on par with commercially available 18650 LiIon cells. They're usually made by Panasonic, Samsung, LG, Sanyo, Sony, etc.
  13. I'm confused about the grand prize..why are they giving away several kits? Why not just every tool and a few batteries and chargers? Who needs four drills, three impact drivers, six chargers, etc.? It would be cooler if they gave more people a chance to win a kit.
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