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  1. 4000 Edit.. oops, didn't see korno beat me to it
  2. I will do some torture testing with it and let you know what it will do I actually found a way to use it with the quick drive auto feed attachment from simpson. I'll post some pictures of my setup. Maybe even try to make a video.. I've been so busy lately that I know it won't be until at least the beginning of next week.
  3. I've been using the BL Makita since it came out.. have done a fair amount of drywall and even a ton of 2" subfloor screws. The thing runs like a champ! The push drive mode is great so you don't have to listen to it run when the trigger is locked for big jobs. If you get one you really won't regret it
  4. What in the world!!!!! Someone has too much time on their hands
  5. The 9ah is a good idea. Wish more companies would come out with a XL battery
  6. For disposable I use 3m n95 masks A lot of the time I use a reusable respirator though. The 3m 6000 series half face. The round pink filters are light weight and good for most stuff like sanding and you can even get filters for it that will protect against finer more harmful particles and vapors
  7. Overkill, yeah, probably but if your workpiece suddenly caught fire from excessive high speed sanding then you would be all set! Haha
  8. Just saw that post. It's a nice looking drill!
  9. Nice. Looks compact!! I bet the impact will be tiny! I wish they somehow made it so these batteries could be charged on their 18v charger or that they come out with a dual voltage charger like milwaukee. Otherwise I really have no incentive to swap my m12 tools out
  10. Awh man. Do you know something? I plan on buying the 7.5" but this could make me wait. I still like the idea of compact though
  11. Well andrull, I hate to be the bearer of bad news but the makita 36v is only a 7.5" blade. It has crosscut capacities of a 10/12" saw but depth of cut would still be limited. I personally don't mind it. I think it's compactness and light weight will make up for any shortcomings of the blade especially because it will still handle the majority of cuts. At least what I cut.
  12. I saw that for 599 also, acmetools.com?? Keep an eye on the eBay seller Bishoptools. He usually gets new makita stuff first and always has the best prices. Plus he is great to deal with. Certified makita retailer and excellent service.. He is a member here on the forum with the same name
  13. Nice ride! Im a car guy to the bone and can respect all sorts of cars.. looks like the front bumper might play kissy kissy with the concrete coming out of your driveway!! take it slow!!!
  14. great video.. then impact.... ehh haha still glad im in the Makita battery! no jealously causing stuff here compared with the dtd148/xdt09 Makita it really is a nice impact though and great for anyone on team red
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