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  1. That's worse than the first problem he found.
  2. Don't misunderstand me, it's a great saw and even with the detent issue, it's still one of the better saws. When you compare to other saws of this calibre, they don't have the same problem and that''s something that Makita should fix. As a customer I shouldn't have to bring a product home and then re adjust parts to make things work. The sloppiness at 0 degrees isn't that bad but it can be frustrating to try and get as perfect to 90 cut as possible. Glad to know there's a fix for it now.
  3. I was about to invest in a new mitre saw and this was my choice but it seems there is an issue I think should be made aware for others. It was pointed out on instagram and it seems others, as they are purchasing this saw, are noticing this out of the box. The detent stops have a little play, ever so slightly and it's more noticeable at 0.
  4. An even better deal! It's $159 at IHL. https://www.ihlcanada.com/milwaukee-48-11-1890-m18-redlithium-hd-9-0ah-bat-23404
  5. I'll still try the soft impact on everything until I realize it can't do the job. Only time I had to switch was driving lags into concrete and installing ledger boards.
  6. I use it everyday and love how quiet and smooth it is. For the bigger jobs that require more power, I switch to my DTD148.
  7. I use a 9.0 on the circular saw and the runtime is amazing. Feels like it never runs out. That's an amazing deal for sure and you will be happy with the performance.
  8. Considering Home Depot sells them for $279 now and most places retail for $249, this is a good deal. https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B01JEMNPSS/ref=od_aui_detailpages00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  9. I am in Canada. The store I got it imported directly from Japan and they only had two in black. Matches my other DTD148. It cost $399 here. It was a bit pricey but for an every day impact for what I do is well worth it. I can tell you it doesn't have the same torque as my DTD148. I was driving some 4 inch Tapcons last week and it struggled and stopped at times. This isn't a driver for heavy use that's for sure.
  10. I know it's part of a different thread and completely different brand of tool but I would assume they are comparable in terms of performance. Just to give everyone an idea of what the toll can do. It definitaly has power for being rated a lot lower than normal impacts.
  11. I made the plunge today on one of these. It's model TS141D. Takes a bit getting used to. It's quiet and smooth. There's been a lot of talk regarding the numbers on these in terms of power. People complaing it doesn't have the torque. I can assure you it has torque. I drive 3½" screws into dry lumber and drove it as far into it as I could and it never stopped. It's got power. I currently own a DTD148 which I love but I find the rpm of speed 3 is a bit high and can cause the bit to jump the screws at times unless you're perfectly square behind the screws. That was my reason for trying this impact. I'll wait to use it a bit longer to give a final verdict but after one day, I'm loving it. Purchased at AtlasMachinery in Toronto.
  12. No matter what I read here, and I know everyone is trying to be helpfull, I would still go out and purchase the tool and try it out. Most places have a return policy if not satisfied and that gives me guarantee that if I don't like it, Ill return it. I have done that with many tools. I would certainly give it a shot if It's quiter and softer impacts. Looks interesting.
  13. Anyone else get one? I can only get preorders right now so dying to try one out.
  14. Looks like they are si,ilar to the SENCO nitrogen filled guns. https://www.canadianwoodworking.com/senco-fusion-f-18-cordless-finish-nailer Senco has a lifespan on the cartridge as stated in that article. I'm wondering if Milwaukee is similar tech. I saw a cabinet guy using the Senco and it performed well. I hope Milwaukee ends up the same.
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