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  1. Two new 40v rear handle circular saws appearing for Makita soon! 40v 7 1/4” 40v 10 1/4” Pictures and stats below!
  2. New 54v (60v) 10” FlexVolt mitre has Tool Connect to activate vac! Find it very strange that it seems only available in the UK/Europe at the moment. https://www.its.co.uk/pd/DCS727T2-GB-54V-XR-FLEXVOLT-250mm-Double-Bevel-Slide-Mitre-Saw---2-x-6Ah-_DEWDCS727T2.htm
  3. Guys! Looking at getting myself a decent cordless vac. Needing to reduce cleanup time, cordless for convenience and for obvious health and safety reasons. I have around 25 skins and 15 Makita 18v batteries, so it would seem the Makita is the logical choice at first. I’m looking at the DVC154 36v (18v x2) with Bluetooth, 74 CFM and 15L capacity. It is $559 AUD. The other option is the Dewalt DCV586. I have around 16 Tstak boxes and 2 trolleys, so this vacuum would fit nicely with my set up. It looks like it would have better suction (125 CFM) and having the self-cleaning is good as well. It is $889 AUD for the vac, 2x 2.0ah 54v batteries and fast charger. If anyone one has any experience or knows of any experience with either of these vacs, I’d appreciate your input. thanks!
  4. Looking forward to seeing this in the flesh. Sold my DLS111Z today in anticipation of this coming out. Strangely, I can’t find anywhere selling it in Australia yet but it’s listed on Dewalts Australian website for parts and specs? http://service.dewalt.com.au/DEWALT/AU/en-ROW/Product/ProductDetail?id=14817
  5. Really that bad? Even for 2x treated and 3/4” hardwood decking?
  6. Yeah that might work. Only problem would be it’s still gonna be around $1500 and I’d have no warranty 👎🧐! Maybe the HKC will be the best option and maybe try a thinner kerfed blade than the 1.8mm 12/18T options that Festool offer. Maybe a low-count Diablo or even a Makita efficut.... thanks for your replies
  7. I can totally see the benefits of the saw, the idea of having the rail on the saw and taking the saw to the material makes sense to me. Would definitely improve efficiency and workflow where I am. I’d love to buy a mafell but there’s no channels to import it here to Australia that I’m aware of. I could buy from ITS tools in the uk but they don’t offer overseas delivery. I could pick one up when I go back one February and bring it back. Would be around $2000 AUD for a KSS50 kit which is a decent amount of money on a tool that would be to benefit my employer and not really me. If it was my own company I’d have no hesitation.
  8. I’m considering buying the HKC55 for doing small framing/decking/stair stringers but I’m hesitant for a couple of reasons. 1) it’s $1202 (AUD) for the Saw, 420 rail (although I’d try swap it for the 250) fast charger and 2 x6.2ah Bluetooth airstream batteries. I’m an employee for a company and I’ve already spent a relatively decent amount in 3 years on my own gear to get no real thanks compared to guys who have 2 drills 😂 but it was my choice I suppose. 2) having seen it on YouTube/insta it looks a little underpowered - can anyone confirm/deny? 3) I’ve already heavily invested in Makita skins/batteries so the HKC would really be a niche type tool, I’d have to justify the outlay and use it often. I’d be worried that I didn’t. 4) I had a TSC55 and sold it. Was extremely disappointed in the power/runtime for the price I paid. I had to send it back twice because the blade wasn’t running exactly parallel to the base/rail and it struggled through every cut. For a expensive skin it wasn’t what I hoped for. All feedback welcome, thanks!
  9. Any updates on this worlds first circular saw please? Been a few months since you broke the news....
  10. Firstly, I’m a big Makita fan, I have 25 skins, 15 batteries and have good things to say to people about what I own. I Paid $1049 AUD in June for the DLS111Z and have been nothing but disappointed. Straight out the box I done the checks/adjustments as per what I had seen on Instagram and elsewhere. For around 1 month it was fine. The saw has plenty of power and feels smooth on the rails. Runtime is good as well. Now I am having the issue with the detent plate and there is nothing I can do to fix it. I have tried pulling it forward but it still has play when locked in ‘0’. Also, when operating with the bag, I find it CONSTANTLY falls off, although it actually picks up a really good amount of dust it’s just so frustrating. The bag catches on the hose that connects the two dust ports and just drops off as soon as you slide it back. It’s also very heavy - the way the rails are designed and saw head locks at the back it’s pretty awkward to carry. I am actually trying to sell mine (seems difficult to sell 2nd hand tools here in Aus) and will buy the FlexVolt 12”. NB I own the 7 1/2” DLS714 and although the 190mm blades aren’t always readily available, I have no complaints about this Saw other than its only single bevel which I knew when I bought it anyway.
  11. @Makita_2233 any word on this worlds first yet?
  12. https://sydneytools.com.au/makita-dhs780z-36v-18v-x-2-li-ion-cordless-brushless-185mm-7-circular-saw-skin-only $349 AUD for the non-AWS version $399 for the AWS 👍👍
  13. No price as yet but looks like we’re getting dust extraction, AWS and an option hook in Aus 👌👍 https://www.instagram.com/p/BnlHkvjgkMW/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=1rfr0ldjk0m2l
  14. Guys! Does anyone one have any recommendations on a router table for the Festool OF2200? Company I work for already has the router but we’re going to be running lock mitres and some other profiles/joints and need a table. The Festool CMS is $3500 AUD but includes the router ($1800). The Kreg table is $900. Does anyone have experience with either table and can go through some pros/cons please? Thanks!!
  15. Where did you find it?
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