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  1. Need one in good condition Kit or bare tool thx
  2. This is just like a gift card but has to be scanned from a smart phone
  3. You do not have to spend money. The coupons are as good as money in the store and cannot be stacked with other discounts
  4. Text spring to 71833 Click the link and good luck! If you're skeptical just go to a lowes store
  5. yes these, we had 14 and all of them were gone before we opened, they were 349$.
  6. i dunno, but I put together a bunch of tool boxes today but they're all chinese boxes, but better quality chinese boxes, clean, no sharps or shavings, all come with zerust mats and really nice casters.
  7. I don't know the actual quality level but those were the good ones that didn't have any problems. for some reason we switched to a different manufacturer for kobalt tool chests, something about craftsman being in lowe's now.
  8. i believe that one is made by waterloo its of okay quality, wait for it to drop to like 50$ or talk a manager down.
  9. might be interested in the impact if you havent sold it already
  10. don't use random cells to do this with, get new cells of the same type, preferrably Exactly the same brand and and model.
  11. Looks like some new stuff coming out
  12. I've only ever used them on mild steel, they're great for that but some people have said they dull quickly, I've used quarter inch bit relentlessly and it hasnt dulled.
  13. or they get taken off because they get in the way lol then cry about it when they lose the shoe
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