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  1. No there are others. Lowe's is currently clearing some out. SQ2 and PH2 is a pretty popular one for electricians.
  2. Warranty claim, ship it to them.
  3. It's not great, I've seen teardowns of that and the Hercules(Hercules is over Bauer). Terrible brushes, fitment ok...but just not something comparable to the big guys...ESPECIALLY if you go open box stuff on Amazon and eBay. You can buy a M12 1st gen fuel bare tool for like $50! I guarantee that M12 will beat both those HF drills.
  4. This has sort of change recently. HF is trying to put better quality tools out there, like the Bauer and Hercules lines but they're definitely not cheap. You can buy a couple year old Milwaukee or Dewalt for the same cost with a better warranty, no coupons on those HF brands either. The new catalog has a knockoff Jawhorse...it's more expensive than the Jawhorse at HD. buyer beware.
  5. A bolt torqued to 250 ft/lbs takes more than 250 ft/lbs to break it loose. Static friction vs kinetic friction.
  6. Yup $179 bare tool. Definitely buying it during the first promo. M12 Surge that has the same torque rating as the M18 Surge is a pretty big one. The long reach ratchets and high torque with extended anvil is pretty awesome. The remote spot light looks awesome but not too many people will need that one. Some nailers seemed to be a big hit. Bunch of new gloves, headlamp also. M12 right-angle die grinder looks pretty awesome too. Trim router also. The packout radio looks pretty good, 10 speakers, "2" subs...wish the extension cord was retractable instead of wrap-style, those always fall at an inopportune time.
  7. M12 gen2 screwgun M12 Fuel quickchange coming to US M18 Fuel quickchange M18 Brushless, quiet fan pleasssse
  8. What we're likely going to see is more production moving to Mexico, it's actually a pretty good solution. Some companies have done it in other industries and it's soo much faster to get things done and shipped, access quality control...and best of all, things are rarely lost in translation. It's worked for Proto(now that plant is owned by Urrea). They might even be able to get away with "Made in America" for several years. I've seen some Canadian companies use it, including a hockey glove company called MIA(Made In America) that is now owned by New Balance (under the Warrior name).
  9. Finally posting in this thread because last December I picked up a 2018 F150 Platinum FX4, Max Tow, love the 36-gallon tank and all the bells and whistles...too bad it doesn't have the 2019 Limited's 3.5 EB HO engine!
  10. Also if a tool contains a material that has been linked to cause cancer when that material is smoked in high doses, there's your warning. The worst part of all of it, some times the claims are real, sometimes they're real but under outlandish circumstances, sometimes they're based on studies with a small sample group and no REAL scientific evidence that supports the claim. California is pseudo science capital of the world, and that's pretty crazy considering some countries' cultures claim rhino horn, ground up mummies, vomit of sperm whales and other wacko stuff as aphrodisiacs
  11. It's held in by those jaws clamping together. It's an odd little setup but it does work...I had to look on youtube for videos showing the blade change, it was completely foreign to me also. You clamp it in on the top, then use the key to tighten the bottom. Then there is a lever that puts tension on the blade. The blades are the flat type, not the round type but apparently will work with the round type.
  12. Gen 1 is 1/2-20, Gen 2 and 3 are 9/16-18 http://www.ecatalog.rohm-products.com/keyless-drill-chuck-extra-rv-28
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