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  1. We just posted this. Might be worth checking out.
  2. Grab it before Friday. Sale ends soon. https://www.kctoolco.com/search.php?search_query=Ultra Driver&section=product
  3. They should all be back in stock now. Sorry guys. We got slammed. All backorders should be out the door.
  4. Gotta have more Cowb....NO...more KC Tool stickers.
  5. Some of you already have done this and you have no idea how grateful I am to you, if you have bought or even dealt with us on a professional level would you mind leaving us a Google Review. I can't promise you anything in return, due to Google's terms of conduct, other than the damned finest hand tool shopping experience this side of Wuppertal. Thanks again to all who have already contributed and thanks to those will. Love you guys! #TIACREW
  6. This is one of the better hacksaws around.
  7. Jimbo knows how much I appreciate the links he drops.
  8. Ok. I need some help. On the topic of bits, what drill bits do you all use? I've always bought cheapos knowing I will ruin them (essentially disposable tools). We are thinking of carrying drill bits in the future. Any suggestions? We specialize in German brand tools but we could potentially branch out if we have to. What do you all think? We could do a kickstarter and call it "crowd sourcing" drill bits or some other hipster BS. Artisanal, small batch drill bits would make those guys with capri pants, suspenders, and mustache wax go crazy.
  9. Yeah Im not going to warranty them if they wear. I will warranty them if you shatter them. It really is going to be a case by case basis but for TIA people Im a little more lenient. Goes to the value of people on this board.
  10. Just use Wera, Wiha, or Felo bits and forget about it. Shatter one (shoot a pic of it) and Ill gladly give you a new one.
  11. KC_Tool


    Right on man! Back at ya!
  12. Congrats buddy!
  13. Just remember, "you don't spend money on tools, you save money with tools".
  14. Yeah its kinda weird actually. They only sell two products. Go with what you know I guess!!
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