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  1. I sure hope so, everyone else has really stepped up the tools game.
  2. So is this confirmed they're including 12ah batteries with this kit? If so this is an incredible value honestly.
  3. Dewalt never dropping the 10in sliding compound miter saw in the US was probably the most idiotic decision they ever made.
  4. Soft polishing wheel on a drill and some polish for the aluminum, sand the wood with 220 and refinish with polyurethane.
  5. Finally, 5 years late but who's counting.
  6. I have a huge beef with Dewalt after owning this vac for so long. How in the actual hell can I not buy the bag that shipped with the unit?! Nothing for the other vac's fits worth a damn, folding materials to the point of failure just to close the lid. WHAT THE *UCK.
  7. Is anything new coming soon or has this psudo-apocalypse killed the pipeline? I need the new 10in cordless miter already. 😒
  8. Dewalt per usual waits for other manufacturers to create leading edge designs for them to rip from. Flexvolt was the only time in the last, what, 15 years that hasn't been the case and they've done practically nothing with it since. Who wants to own the market and take majority share when we can struggle to keep up. 🙄🤦‍♂️
  9. I'll wait for reviews but man I was hoping they'd keep it 120v for that next level power. But at least it's designed to go with the dust extractor.
  10. I'm wondering how this will compare to the Tstak.
  11. There's nothing decent about Dewalt trickle chargers. As Bremon says if it's not yellow, it's garbage.
  12. Are these the same cells as the 6ah? I'm interested in replacing some of my aging fleet of 4 and 5ah, and looking at the scale of economy I'd be getting a lot more Ah by buying the 6's at two for the price of one 8ah. Starting to look a bit like the 12ah...just isn't worth the cost in scale.
  13. Yep. I see no reason to pay the premium for the van system personally.
  14. I've put mine to the test, loaded heavy, hanging nailers off of them, etc...and they hold up just fine. Nothing bent or warped. Just installed my third row, might eventually do a 4th.
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