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  1. If I use the brushed 18v tools I currently have, would they hold up to dust? The reason I'm wanting to switch to brushless is for changing dust collecter filters, which means literally getting filled with dust, and I was recommended to replace them (by a questionable source). If it's not necessary I'll stick with the 18v. As far as torque, the guy training me has a mastercraft (canadian tire) 165 foot pound compact. It's available for half the price of the name brands, but the quality is iffy. I wanted something smaller in a dewalt, but the mid torque is the most compact brushless they have. I'm currently only doing oil/filter changes so I don't need high torque, which is why I half considered ridgid. Is ridgid a reliable cordless tool? It will be 4+ years (if ever) that I'm offered a mechanical apprenticeship, so the impact is basically all I need for work and I already have a selection of 18v dewalt at home. Also nobody, mechanics included, uses anything bigger than a half inch cordless as the company supplies the bigger tools. Anyways, I really appreciate the reply. As far as overall picture, dewalt 20v is at the top of my list as they seem to have more budget options than milwaukee for home use, which will make up the bulk of my tools when I eventually phase out 18v. I don't see myself ever needing the massive torque of the milwaukee 3/4" unless I go back to pipefitting (at this point not something I want to do), so I only am entertaining buying red as I loved the quality.
  2. Hey guys, newbie to the forums here, I'm seeking advice. For the past 8 years or so, I've had a handful of Dewalt 18v tools for home use. I recently started a job that required me to supply my own tools, so I brought the impact driver and wrench to work. For the most part, the driver with a socket adapter has been enough for my needs and a much more convenient size. The problem is, I'm getting shipped off to the the pit (I'm servicing mining equipment in an open pit mine) rather than the shop, and the conditions are very dusty. From my understanding, brushless tools should be able to stand up to these conditions, which is why I need to change. Is this correct? The guy that is training me uses a mastercraft 1/2" sold at canadian tire which is rated at 160ft lbs and quite compact. I considered the same one, but I don't want to buy something that will let me down. It's mostly come down to a compact milwaukee (2755b) or mid torque dewalt (dcf894) My experiences with both manufacturers have been positive, and I like the other tools available by both. The 330 ft. Lbs on the dewalt is more torque than I should be needing, but I like that it can be used for bigger jobs if it comes down to it. I also like that dewalt seems to have more budget friendly options for some of the things I use at home. The main downside with either option is the rather hefty pricetag. Any thoughts between those 2? I was also eyeing up the ridgid one that home depot sells. I swear by ridgid for pipefitting tools, and am quite curious about their power tools. The price is amazing, which tells me the tool probably isn't great. Anybody have any experience with these?
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