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  1. I just bought a BSA metabo tripod hard to find ship to Canada o_0 for $104 , she's cute is like Canada is in the middle of nowhere ...
  2. Working and emigrate form country to country and seems I stuck here in Canada ... sad to see ppl try to buy good pro tools here and hard to get them in Canada - I upgraded all my tools from Milwaukee to Metabo - reason the battery cant handle in cold weather here in Alberta , also metabo cordless tools is the most powerful than many other brands also good looking and many features. I am Metabo fan , working with metabo tools since 1994, coming from Europe and moved in Canada almost 8 years ago. like I said above I have been working with metabo cordless tools below 30 C no problem I keep my tools In the van so doesn't matter how cold was the next morning my tools was ready for work ( btw I work like plumber ) I upgraded my corded tools in to cordless tools and I m proud of my investment and it worth it save a lot of time ! I have try it so many brands ( metabo , ridgid , Makita,dewalt, Milwaukee,elu Kress, Bosch and some Russian brands which I don't remember the name brand I m watching my coworkers having Dewalt and Milwaukee cordless tools can't even use below 15 C . as metabo Slogan "work don't play " and is true also try Elu tools Aeg Bavaria brand where BMW is made are pretty tools almost same power as Metabo . Anyways if someone can help me to find a Metabo jobsite radio 14-18 V 110V plug will be my last tool from metabo and I have all I need thank you !
  3. hello ! anyone know where can I buy metabo cordless radio charger 110V ? tx
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