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  1. Looking for a quality set. Any recommendations?
  2. Picked up a set of Wera precision screwdrivers. Slotted/Phillips
  3. Grabbed the 2 pack 4ah batteries from Ridgid. I needed a couple more batteries.
  4. This is the only other tool I need in my collection. I don’t want to jump to another battery platform if I can help it.
  5. It doesn’t have to be battery powered. I’m just having a hard time deciding on one. Any help would be great. I’m just starting to get into woodworking as a hobby.
  6. Milwaukee m12 Fuel combo kit and its got some balls behind it! Very impressed and happy with my purchase.
  7. Did Milwaukee release a 2nd gen of this kit and I missed it?
  8. I was just on HD website. The m12 fuel hammer drill/impact driver is on sale for $179 right now. Think I might just get this nice set.
  9. I have a very old Dewalt nicad battery drill. I'm looking to get the DCF887 when it comes out. Should I get it in the kit, or just buy the impact and keep my old drill?
  10. Looking to get one. I actually work in the glass industry, and put glass in cabinet doors with wood stops. I'm not looking for the cheapest, but not the most expensive one. Any help would be great.
  11. I was thinking about a 1\2" drive bar. My question is, do I need 1\2" sockets or can I use my 3\8 sockets?
  12. Milwaukee would make a 23 gauge pin nailer? I would snatch that up in a heart beat.
  13. When can we expect new toys in the stores?
  14. Any thoughts? Would this ever see the light of day? Would it just be too small and not enough power?
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