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  1. So I see that not only are we starting to see ToughSystem 2 in the UK, but I see advertised TSTAK 2.0 as well. One interesting addition, is the TSTAK Clipboard with LED light 😄 https://products.dewalt.co.uk/storage/productdetails/catno/DWST82732-1/ Other than that, the TSTAK 2.0 range just looks to add IP54 rating to the boxes and improved stacking clips. https://products.dewalt.co.uk/storage/productdetails/catno/DWST83344-1/ https://products.dewalt.co.uk/storage/productdetails/catno/DWST83343-1/ https://products.dewalt
  2. I'm thinking of buying the 18v cordless mitre saw. I tried it out when it was first released, and it was tidy, it's got good reviews, but it's been out for about 3 - 4 years know I think. It was always confusing why dewalt released a US version which was different to the International version, but anyway. I'm invested in the 18v platform, and already have a big 718 saw (predessor to the 780). just nice to have something more portable and compact for the smaller tasks. Apart from the price of dewalt tools in the UK increasing over the past 6 - 9 months, has anyone h
  3. This looks like a bit of a mean bit of kit and cordless too. Limited market, but nice to see some new tools coming through at last. Through tool dust extraction is nicely integrated. https://products.dewalt.co.uk/powertools/productdetails/catno/DCE800T2/
  4. I bought a belt hook for my old 355, and whilst it had the hold on each side, it was missing the nut on the back for the belt hook to screw into. Not a big deal but you would think if the moulding had the hole, you would think they would put a nut in as an option for people to add the belt clip. Small price.
  5. Just researching these new Tough System 2 boxes, and quite dissappointing first video I've found with a hinge design issue? I'm a dewalt fanboy, but as others are complaining, they are just falling behind right now. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ivqVGxR9ILs The same chap has found another issue as well with Tough System 2........ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIhl6Y9u6D0 I think Dewalt need to offer this guy a job in their engineering/testing department....... Have they just rushed this to market, or what?
  6. I've a DW718 saw (previous model to the 780) which I've only used for DIY over the past few years. Never had a reason to change the original blade until today. When out in America last summer, I picked up a 96 tooth Diablo blade with the intention of cutting some aluminium with the saw. Problem is today was the first day I took the blade out of the packaging, and I've just realised that it has a 1" bore, and my saw has a 30mm arbor. I'm scratching my head, is the new blade just fit for eBay, or is there some genieus way of fitting a blade with an alternative arbor/w
  7. shame this new 4 port charger/inverter whilst it locks onto the top of a tough system box, it does not have the mounting rails?
  8. Could this be a Dewalt PVC cutter to save me having to buy the red version? Looks like a real selection of new tools at the end of todays TIA radio video.
  9. Appears another oversight on this wall bracket, there is no central ability to lock your toughsystem boxes onto the frame, like you can with a padlock on the trolley. I can see you would want some added security, no matter how small if you are storing these in a van overnight or a garage?
  10. Anyone have experience with Dewalt aftersales? Checking their website, there is not a service centre for 50 Km from my home. Despite there being a dewalt reseller who repairs tools a mile from my house. My 18 month old (DIY use only) DCF895 Impact is playing up, It's like when the battery is flat, the lights come on but the tool does not work. I've changed the battery, it's not that as the batteries all work fine on my other tools. It's a really annoying intermitant fault. sometimes it works fine, often when I have the drill on it's side it decides not to work. R
  11. Thanks everyone, this has helped a lot. Paul
  12. Thinking of getting one of these high power impacts, but a little confused over the choice between hog ring and detent pin anvils? How do you release the impact socket from the detent pin? For what uses does one version become a better option than the other, which one have people opted for? Thanks Paul
  13. Any thoughts on whether this Anvil swapout would work on the DCF887? I've not had the opportunity to compare the 886 and 887, but they look similar in terms of size? but I don't have a clue on the internals, they obviously have a speed selector on the 887? but would there be other internal differences? Thoughts?
  14. bit of a missed opportunity that that hose does not have an air-lock connector on the end so you can easily connect it to the tools. Airlock is so the way ahead. I'm constantly feel at the moment that Dewalt are taking ages to release tools, and every time they do release one I like, I feel like there is a very small oversight which would not massively increase the cost of the tool from a manufacturing point of view, I wonder if this could be modified to accept airlock?
  15. Nice, I love a left handed circular saw, I find them so much easier to use being right handed. I just wish they would make more of the larger corded saws in the same way. But anyway, I've been waiting for a 18v cordless for a while and have been holding back on buying the old XR version to replace my 15 year old Dewalt cordless saw which just eats the old style batteries for lunch.
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