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  1. Yes, I tried Bosch saw and slieds action was better, but feel of saw was worse. Nothing is perfect - Kapex, Dewalt, Bosch every manufacture has problems. Dws is really good saw => use it and saw make You happier )
  2. I have (maybe) type 1, but yeaterday i worked all day long with this saw and i had no issue with this saw. Everithing worked fine. I cuted 120mmx120mm solid wood frames. So I dont know where is the problem.
  3. In Czech Republic i bought 780 with Bosch 2500 stand about 32.000 Kč + - 1.165 Eur, 1.333 USD. Tools are wery expensive. But 780 worth ewery korunu, dollar, euro. I hope this is saw for all life long.
  4. Try one of you upgrade the dust collection? I tried this with old piece of lamine and i had problem with rails, they dont fit in to end of rails.
  5. I use this saw for 3month and i have no issue with it. This slides arent smooth like Festool Kapex or Bosch, but this saw is really heavy duty. Two weeks ago i saw Festool Kapex and this saw looks like toy and Bosch has much more plastic parts. But Dewalt: - terrible dust extraction, more weight + accuracy, power, settings ( depth, fence..), XPS, really heavy duty feel in your hands.
  6. Thanks Guys, I bought this saw bosch gta 2500w stand a I'm really happy with this setting.
  7. Hi Guys, I'm new here, i would like to buy new(my first) saw. I'm looking ať Dewalt Dws 780. And I have few questions. 1. Is this saw set out of the box dead on? 2. Have You any problems with this dewalt? 3. How its power/price/user friendly? 4. Is this saw greas value? How it s manufactured? Please write some informations and thanks for your answers. And sorry, my english isnt good, iam from Czech Republic.
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