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  1. Hi, I have a toolkraft shaper i found in my garage. No sure how old but it was my dad's and he engraved "FY79" in the side so I'm assuming it predates 1979. He's passed so I can't ask him, obviously. The problem is that I couldn't push the on button so I disassembled the switch enclosure and found that there is, what appears to be, a safety tang inside that when you press, it allows the on switch to be pressed. When you press off, the on switch pops out and a spring snaps the tang back into place, under the on switch preventing it from being pressed again. This is all well and good but this tang is not accessible when the switch box is assembled. I know I could easily wire up my own switch mechanism but was wondering if anyone has any experience with this machine and could offer any insight. I've added a couple of pics with the tang in both positions Thanks Lefty
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