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  1. Thanks a lot, now I got it! Your example about difference in battery consumption between high and low draw tool, a drill and a grinder as exp, made me understand fully. I never own high draw power tools. Now I got it, the subject is much more clear. Really thanks to everyone!
  2. Probably that is true for USA market, here or in Europe what you just told is uncorrect. However I am referring to the "new" slide pack XR batteries litium, all my Dewalt tools have XR slide pack batteries, not the old stick ncad one. One more question please, let's take as exp a "new" slide pack battery XR DCB... 18v 5ah and a XR DCB... 18v 1.3ah. Big difference on amperage from 1.3 to 5 ah. Translating in practical what does it mean? The 5ah has longer charger capability, it stay charged longer and that is it, no difference in " output power", am I right? Please correct me if what I just told is wrong. Thanks
  3. Thanks a lot, that is what I love to ear, save some money, do not buy "max20v" charger! Use my 10v to 18v charger to charge all my dewalt batteries from 10v to 20v Thanks again!
  4. Thanks a lot, What about my second question, I have a couple of original dewalt chargers, both 10v to 18v, have you ever tried to charge a 20v battery with a charger 18v maximum rated? It should charge fine however I am asking you guys with much more experience than me. Thanks a lot for your help.
  5. Thanks, I brought the subject knowing already that you guys out there know about since long time, I am the one who just found out about. I never dig out about the subject before. I begun watching reviews cause I could not explain to myself why here or Italy 20v tools are not sold. Now I know why......... Basically for my new DeWalt hammer drill 20v dcd996 from USA, bought in eBay, I am going to use 18v battery cause again here the 20v are not sold. Buying them trough eBay costs practically double price cause shipping and import fees.
  6. Hi, watching reviews on you tube about dewalt power tools batteries, I found out that between 18v and 20v batteries there is not difference at all. Basically that works for every brands that has adopted "the 20v battery Strategy", I mentioned dewalt just cause its the brand that I use , 20v nominal batteries are practically 18v. Inside the battery, no matter if it is rated 18v or 20v, there are always 5 batteries 3.5v each, ( 3.5x5 =17.5) 18v , exp for "entry level" 1.5 - 2a battery. That explain why in Europe, and Thailand (i am italian living in Thailand) I can not find 20v tools and batteries , only 18v , Lows are different, in USA it is allowed to rate a nominal value "Max 20v", in Europe or here in Thailand only the effective power can be rated, not the nominal one. Cause I am not a born English speaker may I miss understand what youtube reviews are saying therefore please corrrect me if what I just said is wrong. If what I just told is correct what about using a dewalt 20v hammer drill as exp (I just bought a dewalt dcd996 in ebay, only new bare tool, no batttery and charger) with 18v battery? Some body out there has never tried it ? More important, I have a dewalt 10v to 18v charger, what about charging 20v battery with a charger rated maximum 18v ? Have you never tried ? If the youtube reviews are correct it should not be any problem about. I will love to know what you tink about and be corrected if I did not fully get what that youtube reviews are saying about 18v and 20v batteries that practically are always 18v, the 20v is just a " Strategy market operation" that in some country is allowed in some other dont. Thanks a lot
  7. Hi, my name is Luca, ver happy to be part of the family!
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