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  1. I am currently in need of replacing a 10" miter saw and am looking at both of these models the DW713 vs DWS713. I am assuming the DW713 is no longer being produced and older because the other has an 'S' and its average price is a bit lower.I fail to find any major differences except the mechanism by which the pivoting table locks. Maybe there is also a difference in the bevel adjustment on these saws? I have used both miter locking mechanisms but curious to know what saw people would prefer.
  2. Think I've tried lubing this chuck a couple times, probably wd40 then triflow or the like. But if people are saying chucks simply wear out in one way or another, either jaws that become too smooth or also in this case, a lack of that satisfying tightening/cinching action, then I suppose a replacement is necessarily called for. It seemed a bit challenging going through the manufacturers site, but with a search of "dewalt dcd790 replacement chuck," I found this Rohm on amazon that looks fairly stout. Thought I would see if anyone had any opinions on this or any other specific recommendations. $5
  3. I have a great 20v dewalt drill (DCD790) that has developed a problem holding onto smooth shank drill bits. First I thought of roughing the surface of the bits and inside of the chuck with sandpaper, but then thought about how I have been disappointed with the feel of the chuck when tightening. I would usually hear a series of clicks and a more gradual tightening of the jaws, but now it really only has one, maybe two clicks and the absence of that satisfying cinching response. On a couple of occasions, I have tried oiling and working the jaws in and out similar to what this video recommends, t
  4. This impact driver has definitely seen a lot including being run over in a driveway and dropped more times than I can count from none too modest heights. With a quick scan of dcf886 on ebay I saw there is a replacement housing from Puerto Rico for less than $20. This would help because the battery does not slide nicely after it's encounter with that car. However, after doing some work in an area of colder temps (near freezing) the impact would abruptly stop until pumping the trigger only to stop again in no longer than a moment. I am trying to figure out if the mechanics of this tool are at th
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