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  1. Question about my recently purchased used compressor ($250). It is an old store bought 60 Gal, Sanborn 2 stage with a T29 pump head (51-17-60V) , currently running at 1400RPM! (Max Pump speed listed for head) the motor running it is a 3470 rpm HF 3 HP, SF 1.15 (a bogus 3HP, probably a 2HP overrated). I turned compressor on and the amps were at 18 amps @245 volts @ 50 PSI pressure in the tank. the SFA on the motor says 14.2 amps. Shut it down when it reached 70 PSI or so. I need help slowing/cooling this baby down! Pump flywheel Dia is 14.5 and motor sheave is currently 6 inches. I don't expect
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