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  1. This could very well turn out to be a case of 'buy in haste, repent at leisure'........ Last week, we decided that it was a good idea to get a pool for the back garden, and ended up going for a 12' Bestway Fast Set pool that came with a filter pump. I had persuaded myself that this filter pump was just about all that was needed to keep the pool usable throughout the summer. Anyway, speaking to a colleague, he asked what groundsheet I had - err, none??? And then he asked if I had all the chemicals for it - errr, what bloody chemicals? It also turns out that the pool doesn't come with any kind of cover (I didn't read the specs properly), so I am going to need one of those too! So, I have a pool sitting in a box - a six year old with armbands and floaty things sitting in packets, nagging my face off to get the pool up, and yet it appears that I have no chance of getting it up and running this weekend? I am intending putting the pool on our patio, so its surface is flat and solid - would I need a groundsheet? Do I need all the chemicals just to get started, or can I get them next week? Do I need them at all, and if so what exactly do I need? Would the pool be OK coverless for a few days until I can get a cover? And would a solar cover really make all that much difference to the water temperature? Thanks in advance
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