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  1. I finally got the case halves apart. And Looked at all the wires. The switch is on the red leads, the black (and yellow) go to a circuit board. The smell maybe is coming from the motor. I have my original saw apart, and the electrical burning smell may have dissipated somewhat over the last year. There is no obvious damage to the IC board.
  2. the red wire has continuity from the battery terminal to the motor if I hold the switch. The black ground goes into a circuit board, but I can't get continuity from battery terminal to motor.
  3. tears really. Now my 3rd 20V B&D 12" LCS1020 saw has just stopped running. First one lasted longest, purchased 10/12/15 with its original 2.0 Ah (LBXR2020) battery and a B&D branded (LBZX4020-OPE) 4.0 Ah battery. Then stuff got ugly. I bought a Powerextra 5.0A 20V MAX battery advertised as compatible on 7/8/18.. Smoke show. The worst smell you ever did NOT want to smell coming from the MOTOR of your machine. Most intense right from the cooling vents near the motor. I did get that tree down in 1 cut. Powerxtra did compensate me for the battery and the sa
  4. I reclaimed 3 CCC ski trails with my B&D 20v 12" saw, three batteries, and many days.
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