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  1. I did research on several electric zero turn mowers and decided on the Ryobi 100 Ah 42” Zero Turn mower. The Ryobi also uses the AGM type deep cycle 12 volt batteries connected in series for 48 volts. I’ve cut my lawn and a field behind my property 9 times so far and the mower cuts very well and quickly. Good smooth cut. I would estimate it being approximately 1.5 acres and taking my time to go around trees and other obstacles it takes me 1.2 hours according to the hour meter and uses 40% of the battery capacity. It costs me 7 cents to mow my grass. Ryobi instructs you to keep the mower plugged into the charger when your not cutting grass. Home Depot had what they call a Online Flash Sale on this mower with a bagger kit for $3799 saving me $600 off regular price and had free freight. Battery life is expected to be 5-7 years. My only complaint is that it rides pretty rough if you’re cutting at speed and hit a small hole in your lawn. Maybe someone out there has found a seat suspension kit that will work with this mower. If so please let us know.
  2. Hi everyone, My name is Mike. I'm a 72 year old retired person trying to live the good life as long as the money holds out! I have been looking for a forum that have interested parties in the new Ryobi Zero Turn mowers either the 100 Ah, that I Own, or the 75 Ah. I sold my JohnDeere Z910a mower that I bought new in 2010 and used the proceeds to purchase the Ryobi zero turn mower. My interest is to learn any hacks or mods that Ryobi owners might have for this mower or experiences or issues they have had with this mower. So far my experiences have been positive and other than a rough ride, I’m happy with my purchase. Since I basically have no money invested in this mower, it costs me less than 7 cents to cut my lawn plus a field behind my home and only uses 30% to 40% of the battery capacity! If there are any other Ryobi Zero Turn owners out there, I sure would love to hear from you!
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