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  1. I push the nail gun onto a piece of wood and pull the trigger, and the gun makes the firing sound but no nail comes out. I checked and there doesn't appear to be a jam. I moved the pressure gauge on the back of the nail gun to go down to low pressure and then back up to medium pressure, still nothing. Changed batteries, did nothing. The ridgid service rep told me it's likely a "stuck driver" and told me to call a service center. I got my Ridgid 16 gauge nail gun (R09892) for free when buying an 18 gauge nail gun with 2 batteries and charger used online, and the seller said it wasn't working. The 18 gauge gun was such a good deal that it honestly didn't matter, it was like I was getting a project nail gun for free. Does anyone have a good idea of what is wrong or what I might need to replace? I cannot for the life of me find any video or instructable online of someone taking apart the gun, so I'm concerned that I'll open it and it will literally just all look fine to me, and I won't be able to really tell what's wrong or what needs replacing. The service centre estimated $190 Canadian for parts and labour and said "next time buy new and get the lifetime warranty", but I've read about Ridgid's lifetime service agreement and am sufficiently convinced that it doesn't just work for everyone. Anyway..I'd like to attempt this repair myself. Any advice or guidance would be appreciated.
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