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  1. Circular Saw Basics Circular saws make quick, straight cuts across a board (crosscuts) or along the board's length (rip cuts). You can also set a circular saw to make bevel cuts. Standard components on a circular saw include: A blade guard that covers the blade when the saw isn't in use and retracts to expose the blade during use A foot plate or shoe that steadies the saw against the work piece A depth adjustment to allow for work pieces of different thicknesses A bevel adjustment that lets the foot plate tilt in relation to the blade for making bevel cuts
  2. I almost exclusively invest in Bosch power tools. Adding this Jig Saw to my tool assortment was a no brainer. It's light, powerful and radius cutting is a breeze. The quick-change blade and dust blower features are awesome!I would give it a perfect 5.0 score if two features were improved:1. I wish that the LED light functioned only when the toll was actually cutting... it comes on the moment the tool is plugged in. I guess it was designed that way to let you know that the tool is energized???2. This jig saw needs a trigger type switch... the sliding switch is cumbersome and shutting down the t
  3. Juba Work glove 5845 use these are really very effective. some feature are mentioning below. Neoprene coating protects from chemical permeation. Rope hanging. Naturally soft. Rough finish. Efficient protection and firm grip on slippery surfaces.
  4. Bosch Prr 250 ES Sanding Roller There's the hard way and there's a much easier way. The Bosch PRR 250 ES way. It might be easier but the finish isn't great. I 've tried to sand off varnish from a mahogany door and surround and whilst it's stripped the varnish pretty well that's only part of the job done. I' m now going to have to sand the whole lot with a plate sander as the finish is so poor. Not as good as I hoped but good at what it's for I guess
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