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  1. Use the compressed can of pump saver, it's easier and faster to use and you can see it work right away. I'm done with squeezing the bottle and pulling the chord for 10-15 minutes trying to cycle it through.
  2. I bought a compressed can of pump saver by Brigs and Stratton, attached it to the intake and pressed the button on the can, it worked, I'm just going to use the compressed can from now on, no squeezing and cycling required for 10 -15 minutes.
  3. thanks I clicked the follow button. there are lots of youtube videos on how to winterize your pressure washer, it's not very hard to do.
  4. Hi Eric, thanks for replying to my post, do you store your pressure washer in a heated area? I have to store mine in my shed which does not have heat. Also thanks for the tip about the stalling issue, someone at work also mentioned this that I should let it run for bit before trying it. thank you.! Also do you know have to can get alerts when someone posts on my thread? I never got an alert that you commented. Tim
  5. Issue 1. I am trying to winterize my ryobi gas powered pressure washer. I connect the pump save bottle to the water intake on the pressure washer, then I'm suppose to squeeze the bottle while pulling the chord at the same time to cycle the pump saver fluid through the the pump then it's suppose to come out the outtake on the pressure washer, this is the second year I've tried to do this, first year I got half the bottle into the pump but nothing came out the other end it took me 20 minutes of constant squeezing and pulling the chord. this year (second year) I've tried for 10 minutes straight doing the same routine and nothing is entering the pressure washer, it's like it's plugged and not letting the pump save fluid enter the pressure washer. I am going to assume that it should not be this hard to do and not take as long. Should the engine switch be turned on? should the fuel switch be turned on? should I just use one of those compressed pump saver cans that will blow the fluid through the pump? Has anyone has this issues. Issue 2 is (my pressure washer is only 2 years old) is every time I turn it on I let it run for a few minutes but as soon as I pull the trigger it stalls, I can to try 3-4 times every time to get it to run, after I have it running for a while it runs fine. This is a brand new pressure washer it should not stall at all correct?
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