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  1. Why the m12 hammer drill versus the M18? The price difference isn't huge. Do you think the jigsaw in more useful than the multi tool
  2. That's definitely along the lines of what I had in mind. I'm definitely thinking of the hand tools as well but the power tools are the biggest expense so I was trying to get a feel for that more. I do still have a festool half sheet sander but will probably pick up a 5" orbital sander as well. In terms of the tools, I am leaning towars 18 volt for the drill/driver, circular saw, nailers, and oscillating tools. Are they worth the added expense? What about the fuel options? Which I know come in m12 as well to throw another wrench in my thought process and considerations. As for the table saw, I think I'll eventually have a built in full time shop in the property so I don't know if I want to buy any jobsite versions because I'll have those more as built ins where I'll have a full table for each. I know that involves cutting farther from the rook I'll be working in but will make more precise work easier as well as not buying tools I'll want to replace later. Unless I just build tables around the jobsite table saw, but then I should buy a corded version to begin with, which it doesn't look like milwaukee has one of those.
  3. I am a DIY and woodworking enthusiast. I make a little with my work but its mostly a hobby. I do a lot around my house remodeling. I am also in the process of building a travel trailer. I will also be buying an old farmhouse and some property or building my own tiny house, either from plans or something similar. I probably can't do the whole build myself but I will be doing much of the finish work. I had a tool kit with a mix of dewalt and festool .I was planning on leaving the country for 2 years for mission work before Covid hit and sold all of my tools. I use tools at work but also want to build up what I want/need for my personal projects. As of right now I only have a dewalt impact driver and Milwaukee 12 volt installation drill kit. I want to stick with milwaukee for my cordless tools at the very least. The dewalt is just a holdover from what I hadn't sold yet. For the types of projects I plan on doing, what would the must have tools be? And which ones should I start with? I'm thinking a more powerful drill, multi tool, and circular saw are musts. Once I build or buy my home/land I will have a permanent shop and will be adding the built in stuff, miter saw, table saw, bench, etc. But I need a place to start and there are so many options that I am trying to start with the basics and add as I need more specific task tools. Thanks for the help!
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