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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. Sears wasn't able to offer any help. Some industrial designer just happened to get it right at that time. I'll keep it until it falls apart.
  2. I purchased this toolbox, at Sears in Boulder, in 1992. My tool collection is essentially a tool-for-every-application set-up, and this box has been perfect. It has served me well for 29 years, although it's starting to fall apart and needs to be replaced. The challenge is that I've found nothing comparable on the market. I've searched everywhere and, as the Sinéad O'Connor tune goes, "nothing compares to you." There are no model numbers on the toolbox, and I'm wondering if anyone here can identify it. I left a message with Stanley Black & Decker, who purchased Craftsman, although I haven't heard back. Thank you in advance, Louis
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