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  1. Unfortunately not, because in my country there are no laws that forbid voiding warranty for product disassembly, so you either take it apart and lose the warranty just because you've opened it, or you rely on your warranty (which we still got screwed over with). So most likely it will be "use it as is before warranty is over", even though doing it this way feels awful...
  2. Thank you for your input! I always used them with bit lubrication, but the electric motor parts just keep failing... They start to run slow or just stop working completely...
  3. Hello, my third in like 3 years DeWalt sds-max drill stopped working today. I use them daily in summer for drilling holes in concrete around 6-8 inches in depth and around 5 inches in diameter in concrete. Unfortunately I live in Russia, so their 3 year warranty is no good here. So my question is: How do models from other brands perform compared to DeWalt in terms of reliability? Models I used are DEWD25601 and DEWD25501. I was looking at Milwaukee 5546-21 drill, does anyone have experience with it?
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