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  1. I forgot to mention but the jaws on the vise are 2 1/2 inches wide and open to 2 3/8 inches.
  2. I'm not 100% certain if this is the correct forum to post this on but I figure I'll give it a shot. I've got a couple of old tools I bought recently and I've been having trouble putting dates on them. I've already cleaned them up and restored them as best I can. What I have is a Stanley clamp-on mini-vise and a Champion Blower and Forge Co geared blower. The model number on the Stanley vise is really hard to see but the number appears to be either a 765 or a 766. There is also a sweetheart logo on it. As for the blower I'm pretty sure it's one of the later models given that the housing for the fan is stamped sheet metal. The only identifying marks on the blower are the company name, "Lancaster PA. U.S.A.", and a "G" on the opposite side. I've looked around a bit and can't seem to find much. I'd appreciate any help on gathering more info about these tools, thank you.
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