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  1. Thanks for the welcome to the forum, I missed that initially. You're right it can only be a good thing to regrease it. It's 5 years old so I'm sure it could use it. I appreciate the links as well, those will be helpful.
  2. I found a complete parts diagram online. I'm just not sure if I'm looking for a trigger assembly or if I'm looking at gears bound up or what. Thought it might help narrow it down if anyone on here mightve run into this before. I took the battery out and gave it some percussive maintenance and now it's working again for the time being. Thinking it might be gears since that worked... IDK
  3. I've had the milwaukee 2707-20 hole hawg about 5yrs now. It hasn't been beaten at all. I hit the trigger and the only thing that happens is the LED light comes on but nothing else. Anyone else have this problem? Have any idea if it's just the trigger that needs replaced or what it is that needs to be fixed? I've searched all over with very little results on the hole hawg.
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