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  1. Part 13 sitting on the rotor needs to be where the line leads - the channel where back and forth motion would make the blade go up and down. I did that and the motor runs but no action from the blade. The broken piece initially felt like a piece of drill bit. Took it apart and it is a broken piece of the front armature shaft - a $45 (lowest price I found) part so will give it some thought.
  2. Quite a bit smaller than #9 - has some rough spiky bits which say it probably broke off. Looks a bit like this
  3. Cordless tools are wonderful 'til you need new batteries. Prices are mind boggling - similar to replacement ink for a printer.
  4. My old jigsaw was underwater for a few days so, after letting it dry, found the blade release slider on the front wouldn't go all the way across. Took it apart and a little piece, a bit over half an inch long, a quarter in diameter with spirals on it, fell out. I did get the blade free but now the motor just runs but the blade is stationary. Obviously that piece did something important - any thoughts?
  5. That's my story and am sticking to it - going on 84 now and still breaking them.
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